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nurié new single: “Hyakkiyakou” UNiTE. new mini-album: “Fanfare”

Kanau... (叶う…) re-released single via digital: "Keshiki (景色)"

Kanau・・・ (叶う・・・) has re-released a single Keshiki (景色) via digital distribution on Jan 21, 2021. This single is available at many services (e.g., Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music) and even Bandcamp:

  1. Jokyoku (序曲)
  2. Keshiki (景色)
  3. Kaze ni Mau Hanabira (風に舞う花弁)

Furthermore, Kanau・・・ (叶う・・・) official Twitter account is created.

This Twitter account explains the reason why they started this digital distribution:

The followings are my translations to English:

We were encouraged by the people who were still looking for the sound source because we were depressed from not living well. So we thought we could give something in return to our fans, and instead of going back to the past, we chose a format that didn't exist at the time: digital distribution.

The predecessor band has a demo tape and a demo CD-R, but the vocals are different, so this CD is the only sound source for this band by me.

Extra note by Ryu
He does own the previous releases; demo tape and CD-R (but with a different vocalist), however when the second vocalist saw that he shared this release, he didn't receive a "nice message". So for that reason he can only share this release and not the other releases too.



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2021-01-23 17:27:33
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"He didn't receive a 'nice message'" haha. Dude showed up with a yakuza gang to his house and made him sign a bunch of papers.

But, seriously, it's sad that old vkei bands never reissue their catalog. Bands that reunite all time or all members are alive, like Aliene Ma'riage or La'Mule, have material enough to put out nice boxes with all their releases or DVDs with a bunch of rare concerts... Such a missed opportunity.

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2021-01-21 17:24:01
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This is very cool! I wish I could hear their earlier material as well, but I'm happy to support them anyway.

Thanks for the translation @yukino!

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2021-01-21 13:27:38
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This is really cool, and I hope other older bands follow suit!

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nurié new single: “Hyakkiyakou” UNiTE. new mini-album: “Fanfare”
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