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HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku “presents” event in December

RHEDORIC used GoPro in their video

A special event has been announced for 2015-12-10 which will memorialize deceased HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku (拓). Several special acts will appear―almost all of which were part of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family ❤.

N@H (N@H-ノア-), the special two-piece band which was considered the “second act” of HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新), will appear, along with GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス), the formal band that followed. The band More, which features ex-12012 members will appear, as will a special version of THE BLACK SWAN which features ex-NEGA drummer Yu (優)!! A session called Ishin (維新) will appear, which presumably will cover HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) songs, too.

Finally, a super special session called Yoshifumi BAND (よしふみバンド) will appear, which is made up of retired ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION guys...!! It features CO- (the not-seen-since-his-arrest ex-FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist), TAKAFUMI (most famous UNDER CODE PRODUCTION staff member), KANATA (ex-LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-) guitarist-cum-sommelier), Yoshi (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) leader who retired from music), and 姫雛~hina~ (ex-Anjyu' drummer). (Interestingly, many of those guys worked at TAKAFUMI's club!)

What a great lineup... I'd really like to see that live! R.I.P Taku ❤

Heisei revolution party 2015

  • Akamatsu Yusukeamous/">GIGAMOUSTHE BLACK SWANtist" href="/artists/more/">Morertist" href="/artists/noah/">N@H(565)(222) feat. [31] [ex-NEGA]Ishin (維新) 【V. Baku (貘) [VERYBERRY]G. mag [Blu-BiLLioN]G. keiji [Mix Speaker's,Inc.]B. MIDO (ミド) [Ensoku (えんそく)]D. Yuichi (優一) [ex-AUBE]】Yoshifumi BAND (よしӘHEISEI ISHIN12415;バンド) 【V. CO- [ex-FUTURISM・BOYZ]V. TAKAFUMI (タカフミ) [ex-Marvelous MaidenUCP staff]G. KANATA [ex-LIN]B. Yoshi (善) [(74)] D. 姫雛~hina~ [ex-Anjyu']】


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This is an absolute blessing, beautiful ❤

2015-09-09 17:44:50
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KANATA [EX-LIN] Will participate in this concert !? FANTASTIC!!