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ex-D'espairsRay session Luv PARADE restarts activities

ex-D'espairsRay session Luv PARADE restarts activities

Luv PARADE has restarted activities.

Originally formed in 2009, Luv PARADE were a continues session made up of all of the instrumentalists of D'ESPAIRSRAY. During their first bout of activity they performed only covers of nü-metal and grunge rock acts like Nirvana, Marilyn Manson, and Korn.

The band has reformed during this month and unveiled their latest look. Their next live will be held at Spotify O-East, along side OFIAM and defspiral.

Like their original period of activity, Luv PARADE does not have a dedicated vocalist. defspiral's vocalist Taka has acted as a guest vocalist before and is doing so again for this performance.

Lastly, while D'ESPAIRSRAY's vocalist Hizumi is not in the band, he has designed the logo for their upcoming event.


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