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D new limited mini-album and live DVD

D new limited mini-album and live DVD

D announced a new mini-album and live DVD today!

Their new mini-album, Orokashii Ryu no Yume (愚かしい竜の夢), will be sold at lives and through the band's official web shop beginning on October 27th (pre-orders accepted starting today). Two types will be available: limited edition with 5 songs + PV and making DVD; and normal edition with 6 songs + instrumental version of title track. Both types will include 1 random trading card, of 6 possible.

A live DVD of their Wonderland Savior ~Tsuki no Haguruma~ (Wonderland Savior ~月の歯車~) tour final on 2017-01-27 at Shinjuku (新宿) ReNY will also be released on October 27th (again, live and web shop limited, with pre-orders starting today). In addition to the full live, it will include a tour documentary and all CG movies from Wonderland Savior (which played during lives).

Those who purchase either the live DVD or both types of the mini-album will be allowed to participate in either an “outstore” talk and cheki-shooting event, or in a live event.

Those who opt to participate in the live will be allowed to shake the members' hands after, and will further receive a privilege directly from the band. Customers who purchased both types of the mini-album will receive a “Dragon's Blood” dragon stone pendant topper, while those who purchased the live DVD will receive a “Kaiou Kujirajima Kameke Kaihin Yumeju Koujou Shainshou (海王鯨島 亀毛海浜夢珠工場社員証)” (worker's ID card).

The band's national “outstore” event tour will take place at the following locations:

  • 11/2 Yokohama (横浜) CIRCUS
  • 11/5 Niigata (新潟) community space 6 studio
  • 11/9 Nagoya Sakae (名古屋 栄) FAMILIA
  • 11/11 Kyobashi (京橋) BERONICA
  • 11/14 Okayama (岡山) Wood Box
  • 11/16 Fukuoka (福岡) DRUM Be-1
  • 11/18 Hiroshima (広島) Bad Lands
  • 11/21 HEAVEN'S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3 (HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心 VJ-3)
  • 11/23 Sendai (仙台) Nota Blanca
  • 11/26 Sapporo (札幌) MULTI SPACE F (マルチスペースF)
  • 12/1 Kanazawa (金沢) AZ G STUDIO (AZ Gスタジオ)
  • 12/3 Tokyo (東京) Aoyama EDITION (青山 EDITION)
  • 12/5 Tokyo (東京) Nakano ZERO Chi ShouHALL (なかのZERO 小ホール)

Their oneman tour Orokashii Ryu no Yume (愚かしい竜の夢) will begin on November 1st and end on December 4th at TSUTAYA O-EAST.


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