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2019-07-23 01:00:00 inartistic
Visual mascot Buinyasu new artist photos(?) released [PR]

Celebrating 50,000 views, Buinyasu (ぶいにゃす) new artist photos have been revealed.

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2019-06-10 01:00:00 inartistic
B.P.RECORDS: YouTube channel celebration festival [PR]

B.P.RECORDS has announced the first artists for its B.P CHANNEL Fes. event.

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2019-04-30 19:00:00 inartistic
B.P.RECORDS bands to be available on streaming services

From May 1st, B.P.RECORDS bands will be available on streaming services.

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2018-12-30 21:09:03 Seraphim
Royz new maxi-single “IGNITE” and best album

Royz will put out a new maxi-single.

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