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REALies のニュース

2019-04-20 20:12:34 inartistic
[feature] 🔥 VK420 💚

In honor of 4/20, here are some weed-related VK bands.

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2017-10-03 15:09:25 inartistic

LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is selling a few things, and I noticed two items of note:

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2016-09-01 16:31:00 inartistic
Minor news roundup 9/1

Some minor news items from the past few days:

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2016-05-03 13:53:00 suji
ONENESS will revive for one day + ex-REALIES Dr.Kazna participates in session band

Good news for fans of ONENESS (ワンネス) - the band will revive for one day at Double River Record president Ryuu Asakawa's (浅川隆) birthday presents live, DOUBLE RIVER SUMMIT 2016, at NAGOYA HOLIDAY NEXT on July 11, 2016. Also performing will be a tribute session band, going by the name ASAKAWA SHINEITAI 2016 (浅川親衛隊2016), which features some familiar faces:

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2015-11-29 13:59:00 inartistic
Rayka's fashion brand website open

ex-REALies vocalist Rayka has opened the official website for his fashion brand, MYWAY., which was founded [earlier this year][1]. The shop will begin accepting orders on December 1st.

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2015-08-20 17:51:00 inartistic
ARLEQUIN live DVDs and REALies last live DVD released

In September, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) and REALies will release their live DVDs.

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2015-08-11 03:40:00 inartistic
News roundup 8/11

Here are some minor pieces of news from GOTCHAROCKA, KISAKI, ONENESS (ワンネス), PARANOID≠CIRCUS, REALies, and the:Ø:

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2015-08-03 02:08:00 inartistic
Rayka (REALies) new t-shirt

REALies vocalist Rayka will release a new t-shirt from his fashion brand, MY WAY, on 2015-08-07~08.

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2015-06-25 10:29:00 inartistic
In media 6/25

Here are a few upcoming media appearances (mostly from GOEMON RECORDS bands):

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2015-06-16 01:49:00 inartistic
GOEMON RECORDS threeman sold out

GOEMON RECORDS will hold a threeman of its bands―ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), PENTAGON (ペンタゴン), and REALies―at which the bands will perform under special names and wear yukata. The live has already sold out ♪

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