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2016-10-10 15:38:00
Taku memorial: HEISEI ISHIN and PERESTROIKA one-day revivals!

Details have been released for the Taku (拓) memorial event: HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新), PERESTROЇKA, and N@H (N@H-ノア-) will hold one-day revivals!


2015-09-09 14:10:00
HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku “presents” event in December

A special event has been announced for 2015-12-10 which will memorialize deceased HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku (拓). Several special acts will appear―almost all of which were part of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family ❤.


2013-11-15 21:01:00
GIGAMOUS 2nd single

GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス) (ex-HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)~N@H (N@H-ノア-)) has shared a sample of their upcoming 2nd single, SCARY GODS SHOW: [check it out here][1]. They've also revealed the privileges for buying the single from various retailers:

2013-08-01 22:58:00
What about N@H?

After [yesterday's post][1] about new band GIGAMOUS (ギガマウス), you have been wondering what's happening with N@H (N@H-ノア-). Well, don't worry, they're not disbanding―exactly...

2013-07-31 20:25:00
New band: GIGAMOUS

2013-07-31 09:32:00
0 hour announcements

Just a heads up: July 1st at 0:00 JST (which will occur in a few hours), there will be a handful of announcements to look out for! N@H (N@H-ノア-) will be making an announcement, as will ex-Cu[be] vocalist Lara, and the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop will be revealing new privilege DVDs!


2012-12-12 07:36:00
Taku MEMORIAL DAY report

2012-05-31 03:04:00
N@H updates

2012-01-02 03:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE 2011 Year in Review

UNDER CODE entered 2011 in a bit of a transitory state. Megaromania was only half active, NEGA was on hiatus, E'm ~grief~ had just disbanded, Arc and Synside were set to disband, and HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku had just died. After having, in my opinion, its worst year in 2010, UNDER CODE started 2011 in a low spot.


2011-12-31 06:06:00

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced some special events to celebrate its 9th anniversary! The event series is called RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS.

2011-12-21 14:58:00
[Archived] N@H

As you know, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新)) members YUKKIE and RAI has formed a new band called N@H (N@H-ノア-). Here are some bits of information that I've been wanting to post about them.

2011-12-18 03:52:00
[Archived] HEISEI ISHIN Taku

Just wanted to post a couple of blog posts about HEISEI ISHIN (平成維新) vocalist Taku's death (December 10th was the one year anniversary, and December 13th would have been his 23rd birthday.)

2011-10-01 13:30:00
[Archived] HEISEI ISHIN new project

ライ (RAI) and ユッキー (YUKKIE) announced their new project today: N@H (N@H-ノア-) (pronounced “NoaH”)