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2018-01-25 13:57:07
David first mini-album, "創生録Ⅰ 〜Birth and Confession〜" release!

David's special birthday live has concluded, and although I haven't found any new information pertaining to Megaromania, a new mini-album and visual has been announced!

2018-01-25 13:56:35
Ray (ex-NEGA~Dead Children) will officially retire + session live

Ray (ex-NEGA, Dead Children, etc.) is officially calling it quits after his last live on April 20.


2017-10-03 15:09:25

LORELEI ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is selling a few things, and I noticed two items of note:


2016-09-14 15:54:00
LACK-CO. lineup revealed

The homepage countdown has concluded, and more details on SAN's newest band Lack-co. has been revealed!

2016-08-31 20:30:00
New band: Lack-co.

ex-NEGA ~ Black Gene For the Next Scene guitarist SAN has announced his next band: Lack-co. (ラッコ)!


2015-11-22 23:18:00
Jikkentai NEMESIS one-day revival

Jikkentai NEMESIS will hold a one-day revival on 2016-01-05 at OSAKA MUSE.

2015-11-19 00:14:00
UCP session band, Rame in an ambulance, & upcoming reunion?

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Shingen Kichi SPECIAL ~PERMANENT BAND~ (神言基地SPECIAL ~パーマネントバンド~) successfully completed its live at Abeno ROCKTOWN. They played several staples of Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku setlists:

2015-10-12 17:55:00
Selling some stuff

Hi everyone~ It's Piyuchan here wants to share with you sales blog ^^/

2015-10-01 04:16:00
UNDER CODE session band 「Shingenkichi SPECIAL」 will perform

A special session band made of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION members will perform on 2015-11-17!

2015-09-09 14:10:00
HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku “presents” event in December

A special event has been announced for 2015-12-10 which will memorialize deceased HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku (拓). Several special acts will appear―almost all of which were part of the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family ❤.

2015-05-06 02:31:00
Site update: search

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that you can [search WE LOVE UCP][1] again―Google's search kept breaking, so I finally just made one myself. Here's an [example search for NEGA][2]... Hopefully this will be useful to someone 😜

2015-03-08 15:47:00
First video of Black Gene featuring SAN

Here's a preview of Black Gene For the Next Scene's Uragaeri (裏返り) PV―the first footage of the band since the joining of ex-NEGA guitarist SAN. I'm somewhat surprised that the guitars aren't emphasized at all in this portion of the song, but at least there's a tantalizing taste of a guitar solo from SAN at the end. What do you think?

2015-02-25 16:02:00
ex-NEGA guitarist SAN joins Black Gene For the Next Scene

Black Gene For the Next Scene has announced that ex-NEGA (and ex-the:Ø) guitarist SAN has officially joined! The band's first release with this new lineup is a 3 type maxi-single on 2015-04-22, Uragaeri (裏返り). The first live featuring SAN will be on 2015-03-01, and the group's oneman tour will start on 2015-04-29, with a tour final on 2015-07-11, at which an important announcement will be made and a new song will be freely distributed. Good luck BFN!

2015-01-31 23:04:00
New band: Dead Children officially revealed!

Ray's new band, Dead Children, has been officially revealed! Their first single, [CLOSET][1], will be released at lives only on 2015-03-27 through Ray's label, Licht Entertainment. The band has also announced its 4-month consecutive sponsored events, /Dead Children/ PARTY. Details of that are below, but in the mean time, check out this awesome PV and song preview!

2015-01-30 05:09:00
Ray (ex-NEGA) new band 「Dead Children」 lineup and first photo revealed

I've confirmed the lineup of ex-NEGA bassist Ray's new band, Dead Children! I'm also sharing their first official photo―they look great! Full details will be revealed in about a day, on 2015-02-01.

2015-01-24 05:52:00
Ray session band update

The drummer has been revealed for Ray's session band on 2015-02-13, Kuromikado (黒御門):

2015-01-14 19:38:00
ex-NEGA Ray new band

ex-NEGA bassist and Licht Entertainment president Ray has mentioned that his new band will be announced in February. According to Trombe, the name of this band is Dead Children and the lineup is the same as Ray's session [Kuromikado][1]. (However, I can't find confirmation of either.)

2015-01-05 20:56:00
Minor news roundup 1/5

Here's the latest minor news:


2014-12-24 10:12:00
Minor news update 12/24

Here's the latest:

2014-12-16 09:14:00
Minor news roundup 12/16

2014-12-04 14:30:00
Minor news roundup 12/4

2014-09-28 01:46:00
News roundup 7/27

The latest minor news, featuring: AiM MaiM, ARLEQUIN, DECIDE, GLARD, LIN, PARANOID≠CIRCUS, and REALies.

2014-08-31 23:25:00
LIN new look and live details

LIN has announced their new tour, a birthday celebration, their Christmas sponsored event, and their tour final two-day oneman. They've also debuted new photography (same costumes, but restyled). Check it all out in this post!

2014-07-30 17:09:00
Anjyu' × NEGA × ZODIA alumni session, plus ZODIA copy band?

On 2014-09-08, ex-ZODIA, NEGA, and Anjyu' members will perform in a session. It will be the first activity from ex-Anjyu' drummer hina in years, actually! The session will be at the 11th anniversary of Bar Paradox (a long time friend of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION).

2014-07-29 14:46:00
News roundup 7/29

Here's the latest from ClearVeil, FOODED SEAL, ISORA (イソラ), NEGA, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし), and the:Ø:

2014-07-21 02:58:00
News roundup 7/21

Here are the latest updates featuring 12012, Anjyu', ARLEQUIN, AVANCHICK, BFN, GIGAMOUS, GOTCHAROCKA, FUTURISM・BOYZ, KISAKI, Megaromania, REALies, and remembrance.

2014-07-15 14:56:00

THE BLACK SWAN members' blogs and Twitters are open, and the band has announced details of its tour final at which a new song will be distributed.

2014-05-14 17:57:00
UNDER CODE PRODUCTION models for Tritt fur Tritt anniversary

On 2014-09-22, legendary visual kei hair & makeup house Tritt für Tritt will celebrate its 10th(!) anniversary with a huge modeling & live event in Ikebukuro (池袋). After teasing details for the past five months, Tritt für Tritt has finally announced the full lineup of participants in its event―and a plethora of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION musicians will appear!

2014-05-14 00:20:00
THE BLACK SWAN members formally revealed, release announced

THE BLACK SWAN formally announced its lineup on Sunday; as [speculated previously][1], it features ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA along with other relatively unknown musicians.

2014-04-26 16:39:00
king zeebra × Licht Entertainment

king zeebra, the label of ex-SUZAKU (朱) vocalist Itsuki (樹), and Licht Entertainment, the label of ex-NEGA bassist Ray, held their co-sponsored event yesterday at FAN-J twice.

2014-04-26 01:20:00
PLACEBO second period announced

PLACEBO (プラセボ)―the band produced by ex-NEGA bassist Ray and belonging to his Licht Entertainment label―has announced their second period featuring a full 5-member lineup!

2014-04-26 00:24:00
ex-NEGA and Vior gloire new band: the:Ø

ex-NEGA guitarist SAN has officially announced his new band!!! the:Ø (pronounced “the o” [ジ オ]), which will also feature ex-Vior gloire drummer ARU (アル), will officially start this summer.

2014-04-06 18:00:00
News roundup 4/6

The latest minor news from our UNDER CODE PRODUCTION family:

2014-03-30 19:06:00
THE BLACK SWAN officially starts

THE BLACK SWAN, new band of ex-NEGA vocalist 儿-JIN-, has officially started!!! Check out THE BLACK SWAN's first official photo (above) and [awesome] samples of their songs Jishin Boukansha (自深傍観者) and ISOLATION:

2014-03-03 10:53:00
Musoukai new events announced

Ray, ex-NEGA and now president of his own label(?) Musoukai (無双会), has announced his label's collaboration event with Livqueur Records (label of ex-KALEN (カレン) Takaya).

2014-02-21 15:46:00
SAN and Ray event details

Further lineup details have been revealed for the Musoukai (無双会) live event on 2014-03-08:

2014-02-16 22:22:00
Roundup 2/16

Here's the latest mini-news roundup, featuring 12012, 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), chariots, E'm ~grief~, Megaromania, Oneness, REALies, and SIVA members.

2014-02-08 01:54:00
Raychel BAND to disband

Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) will hold their disbandment sponsored event on 2014-03-21, sponsored by label Musoukai (無双会). I hope that Ray will announce some new activity at that time...

2014-02-08 01:23:00
Minor updates 2/8

Some minor updates featuring GOTCHAROCKA, Syndrome, ARLEQUIN (アルルカン), carat (カラット), Oneness, and hurts:

2014-02-08 00:46:00
GOEMON RECORDS 1st anniversary tour

GOEMON RECORDS recently announced their 1st anniversary tour. Check below for full details:

2014-01-31 15:54:00
Session updates 1/31

Latest session updates, featuring ex- NEGA, Vior gloire, and SIVA:

2014-01-31 12:25:00

2014-01-27 02:04:00
Session updates 1/27

Here are the latest session band updates, this time featuring SUZAKU (朱), LIN (凛 -the end of corruption world-), NEGA, and more:

2014-01-15 00:52:00
NEGA vocalist announces new band

2014-01-14 23:20:00
Raychel BAND 2/6 appearance update

Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド) has announced the second guitarist for their 2014-02-06 appearance: 【V. Itsuki (いつき) (ex-SUZAKU) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / B. Ray (ex-NEGA) / D. ARU (アル) (ex-Vior gloire) / G. Ao (碧) (ex-paradeis)】.

2014-01-08 01:18:00
NEGA blogs deleted

All NEGA official blogs have finally been deleted. ex-guitarist SAN has opened his new blog, [Under the SAN, above the...][1]. No other members have opened blogs (that I'm aware of), but ex-bassist&leader Ray can be followed on Twitter [@ex\_nega\_ray][2], and ex-drummer Yu (優) occasionally tweets at [@nega_yuofficial][3].


2013-12-19 22:14:00
Updates on Ray activities

Updates on the activities of Ray (ex-NEGA):

2013-12-07 22:37:00
Raychel BAND appearance

Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド), the ongoing session band of ex-NEGA Ray, has announced a February performance. This time the lineup features ex-NEGA, SUZAKU (朱), and Vior gloire members, with an additional member TBA. Personally, it's a lineup that I would love to see as a real band!!

2013-12-04 15:58:00
Otake in A to Z session

ex-CindyKate (シンディケイト) guitarist Otake (おたけ) will appear in a session band called Jin no Settai BAND (仁の接待バンド) 【V. TAKASHI (A→Z.) / G. Otake (ex-CindyKate) / D. Jin (A→Z.) / G.&B. TBA】 on 2014-02-19 at A→Z.'s sponsored event.

2013-12-04 02:30:00
king zeebra announces 2nd event

king zeebra, the new label by ex-SUZAKU (朱) vocalist Itsuki (樹)―I think―has announced its second sponsored event. As before, the event will feature ex-SUZAKU, Vior gloire, and NEGA members, including the Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺) session; so check it out!

2013-11-30 21:41:00
SAN and ARU in session

ex-NEGA guitarist SAN and ex-Vior gloire drummer ARU (アル) will perform in a session band called Jikkentai NEMESIS (実験体NEMESIS) 【V. Saica (ex-Reeper) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Ao (ex-paradeis) / B. (undecided) / D. ARU (ex-Vior gloire)】 on 2013-12-31 at Ash OSAKA. By the way, ex-Dali~LOTMAN new band 2 Gatsu 22 Nichi (2がつ22にち、せかいはぼくらをしる。) will also perform at that event.

2013-11-17 22:19:00
ex-KALEN session

ex-KALEN (カレン) bassist (and president of label Livqueur Records) Takaya will participate in a session band on 2014-01-05 at OSAKA MUSE. DECIDE, the band produced by ex-NEGA bassist and leader Ray, will also perform in a session at the same event.

2013-11-12 13:01:00
Shugokusatsu (and related) recent activity

Couple of bits of info about Shugokusatsu (瞬獄殺), the continuous session band of ex-SUZAKU (朱) vocalist Itsuki (樹) and ex-Vior gloire bassist RENA:

2013-11-06 10:15:00
ex-NEGA SAN session

ex-NEGA guitarist SAN will appear in a session on 2013-11-21 at Osaka RUIDO. The session is called Kuroguro Uuloncha (黒々烏龍茶) 【V. Shion (MILKY EMILY) / G. SAN (ex-NEGA) / G. Ao (ex-paradeis) / B. Nagi (Re:act) / D. minoru (QuaLiA)】.

2013-10-23 21:43:00
REALies and ARLEQUIN additional events

GOEMON RECORDS has announced some additional events for REALies and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン)! ARLEQUIN will hold a double birthday event, and REALies will hold a two-part Christmas oneman.

2013-10-18 18:21:00
NEGA Memorial Jewelry Review

Hello everyone,

2013-09-22 21:51:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ' UNDER CODE family session event

FUTURISM・BOYZ vocalist CO- is sponsoring a session event comprised almost entirely of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members! Check out the awesome lineup below:

2013-09-22 21:34:00
ex-UCP sessions update 2013-09-22

Here are some recent and upcoming sessions featuring ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION band members. Know something I missed? Share it in the comments!

2013-09-17 01:49:00
LAST FAIR privileges re-released

The official web shop has re-released LAST FAIR DVDs 【A】~【E】 in its privilege bootleg live DVD campaign. This means that customers who spend 5,000 yen can now select their desired free DVD from the entire set (【A】~【J】) rather than just 【F】~【J】, as had been the restriction in previous months.

2013-08-13 23:38:00
Session updates 2013-08-13

Here's an update of the sessions which various ex-UNDER CODE artists are performing with!

2013-07-31 10:01:00
ex-NEGA Ray activity

ex-NEGA bassist and leader Ray has recently announced some new activity! First, he's taken on the role of producer for fledgling band [DECIDE][1]! Furthermore, he's announced the start of his session band, Raychel BAND (れいちぇるバンド), with ex-NEGA and ex-CindyKate members!!

2013-06-27 23:59:00
ARCHIVES special event updates

As previously mentioned, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's treasure book ARCHIVES 2003~2013 includes a ticket to a special launch event. Since it was originally announced, the event has changed venues, and additional details have been released:

2013-06-07 21:31:00
Limited releases receive wide release

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced that several releases which were previously web-shop-only will be available for general purchase starting this July! The included items are: LIN memorial CD, NEGA last live DVD, UCP last omnibus High Style Paradox 2003~2013, and UCP treasure book + last live DVD ARCHIVES 2003~2013.

2013-05-31 21:19:00

2013-05-31 08:40:00

As promised, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced its WEB SHOP LAST FAIR PART:1, beginning today, June 1! There are tons of special and exciting items included in the fair―but before we get to those, let's go over the special items which aren't even part of the fair:

2013-05-31 08:04:00
Treasure Book special event

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION “treasure book” [ARCHIVES 2003~2013][1] is set to be released on June 20, and certain ex-members of the label have decided to hold a special event to celebrate it!

2013-05-12 08:20:00

2013-03-07 11:18:00
[Archived] DS : UCP goods


2013-02-27 10:44:00
Collection album privileges

I've compiled a list of all shop privileges for UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's recently-released and upcoming collection albums. So if any of you are planning to buy any, be sure to get the best privileges! (And maybe even coordinate with each other to get different privileges and share them~!)

2013-02-20 16:32:00

NEGA has announced a special “ultra rare goods” lottery for their fan-thanksgiving event, DEAR NEGATIVIST, which is being held today. Attendees who spend 3,000 yen on goods will be allowed to draw from the lottery and win 1 random item. The possible prizes are amazing, including a recording of JIN's previous band!!

2013-02-16 18:53:00
[Archived] DS: Massive UNDERCODE sale

Hello everyone! I am in need of money and room so I am selling some items of my UNDERCODE collection.

2013-01-15 10:15:00


2012-12-31 13:24:00
UNDER CODE last birthday event

2012-12-12 07:36:00
Taku MEMORIAL DAY report

2012-12-05 19:20:00
NEGA announces announcement

2012-11-23 23:27:00
NEGA new year event

2012-11-23 12:27:00
[Archived] Wanted SS: For live events

Please delete if this isn't allowed, thankyou (not sure how to tag, sorry)Looking for someone in Japan who is going to these events. Or if you're not already going but would be available, I will pay for your ticket for the live as I'm looking for someone to pick up live goods for me. please comment/message if you could help.Look under the cut if you're in Japan~

2012-10-27 14:10:00
[Archived] (Updated Nov 7) Lots of cheap CDs (incl. Matina & Undercode) for sale

Here are some visual kei CDs and other items for sale. Originally, I was just cleaning out my personal collection, but I will start selling items for friends here in Tokyo as well, so the list will be updated every now and then. About 80 new items have been added, and there have been a few cancellations of orders, so I took the liberty of creating a new post.

2012-10-15 19:24:00

2012-09-04 05:38:00
FUTURISM・BOYZ first anniversary.


2012-09-03 15:17:00
NEGA last oneman for 2012.

2012-09-03 06:52:00
chariots: new release + tour.

2012-08-26 00:39:00
NAGOYA threeman

2012-08-09 02:44:00
[Archived] Kisaki, Phantasmagoria, Syndrome, SIVA,

Hi people. have the following Undercode and Matina items for sale:

2012-08-07 17:30:00
Last Rinne Tensei

On August 5th, 輪・廻・転・生 -Matina VS UNDER CODE PRODUCTION- (Rin・ne・ten・sei) was held at HOLIDAY OSAKA. I thought I'd post the setlists and a couple of photos from the event.

2012-06-27 22:48:00
NEGA battles -OZ-

2012-06-13 16:13:00
[Archived] Urgent sale! Vior gloire & Megaro

Hi! I'm urgently selling these Vior gloire items:

2012-05-09 15:01:00
VANITAS covers and sample

The cover art for NEGA's upcoming album, VANITAS, has been revealed―and it looks great!! The A type features the familiar image of vocalist JIN nude and bloodied, while the B type features an homage to classic icons in visual kei. Check them both out below (click the titles to view bigger versions).

2012-05-06 15:47:00

2012-05-04 17:15:00
New release from NEGA ENTERPRISES

Despite the fact that won't actually be appearing, ㈱ネガエンタープライゼス ((Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES), has announced that they will release a CD at tonight's UNDER CODE session event. As with all (Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES releases, this one will be released in three types, but all three types will look exactly the same so that the customer won't know what they're getting. Also as usual, all discs will be “gorgeous(?)” and will be signed by the members.

2012-03-14 22:00:00
[Archived] 「FREEDOM 20120314」

KISAKI just posted the infos about their oneman live held yesterday (the numbers between parentheses are the results of the fan's poll for DECIDE the setlist) :-SET LIST- SE

2012-03-14 01:45:00
UNDER CODE 9th anniversary addition

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION recently announced an additional event to its “RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS” live series, which celebrates its 9th anniversary.

2012-03-13 11:24:00
[Archived] Selling Megaromaina & Nega photos

click me!

2012-02-24 01:07:00
NEGA's album VANITAS order question

Hello everyone~

2012-02-23 21:59:00
[Archived] NEGA's album VANITAS

Hello everyone~

2012-02-21 22:25:00
NEGA second full album

VANITAS has a release date! NEGA's second full album, VANITAS, will be released in two types on May 30th. The A type will contain a PV and the B type will contain a bonus track.

2012-02-21 22:10:00
NEGA official photos

Click to enlarge.

2012-02-19 02:47:00

UNDER CODE is sponsoring an event for 兼継 (Kentz), ex drummer of 「あゃ」 (「Aya」) and chariots, as he retires from the music scene. (I mentioned this live in a [previous post][1], but full details have since been revealed.)

2012-02-10 09:53:00
Official web shop valentine fair

UNDER CODE has announced a Valentine SPECIAL FAIR at the official web shop! What does that mean? Well, it means that special goods are on sale: namely, actual clothing from various UNDER CODE musicians!!

2012-02-07 15:02:00
A little treat for members...

So it came to my attention that a lot of people don't have the distributed CD 「HINDSIGHT」 by NEGA (which was distributed at their revival live in July). Well, first of all: you can now buy it at CDJapan! But also, I thought I'd share it as a special treat for those of you who have accounts here (>D).

2012-02-04 01:37:00
[Archived] NEGA on ameba studio

Anyone here managed to record the NEGA radio show on ameba studio?

2012-01-25 03:56:00
[Archived] Update: 9th anniversary fan book due dates

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-23 22:36:00
~My UNDERCODE lucky bag from Brand-X~

Hello everyone!

2012-01-23 10:51:00
9th anniversary fan book

Ok, I didn't receive any more suggestions, so I'm going to call this the final plan.

2012-01-22 22:12:00
[Archived] ~My Undercode gifts~

Hello everyone!

2012-01-04 21:02:00
[Archived] oh hai there subs

English subs....thought everyone might enjoy!!! I'm excited as I'm waiting for it to load XD

2012-01-02 03:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE 2011 Year in Review

UNDER CODE entered 2011 in a bit of a transitory state. Megaromania was only half active, NEGA was on hiatus, E'm ~grief~ had just disbanded, Arc and Synside were set to disband, and HEISEI ISHIN vocalist Taku had just died. After having, in my opinion, its worst year in 2010, UNDER CODE started 2011 in a low spot.

2012-01-01 01:36:00
Kansai Seiatsu report

Well, Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 is officially over, and it was incredible! For those of you who attended the live stream, I'm so glad I got to share that moment with you! For those of you who couldn't watch, I did my best to keep track of the setlists. So here are those, plus some mini reports. Enjoy! And let's hope that there will be more events like this in the future!


2011-12-31 06:06:00

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION has announced some special events to celebrate its 9th anniversary! The event series is called RIOT GALE of NINE YEARS.

2011-12-30 23:15:00
NEGA's special projects

At tonight's 関西制圧2011~2012 (Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012) event, attendees who purchase more than 3,000 yen of NEGA or NEGA ENTERPRISES goods will receive a special gift. The gift is a “beautiful(?!)” signed comment CD. The CD comes in two types—the first features NEGA reminiscing on 2011, and the second features NEGA ENTERPRISES having a “fiscal year review”—and the type each attendee will get is completely random.

2011-12-19 03:10:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu live stream

As you may have known, I announced a contest here for a free ticket to watch the Kansai Seiatsu live stream. The winner has been chosen by random number generator: Seraphim.

2011-12-19 02:54:00
Kansai Seiatsu free ticket

The winner of the free Kansai Seiatsu stream ticket is Seraphim!

2011-12-17 15:04:00
[Archived] 凛 OFFSHOT DVD VOL 3 (2011.12.16)

i got it today morning. and its really funny, much better than previous 2. but i dont like josekouji-san or who is it.

2011-12-14 17:31:00
Kansai Seiatsu double contest!

As you know, UNDER CODE and EnTicket will do a live stream of Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012. However, they will only stream the live if 37 more tickets are purchased! If that quota is not met, the stream will be cancelled...

2011-12-06 14:56:00
[Archived] I'm looking for a NEGA flyer

The one scanned in this entry:

2011-12-04 23:17:00
[Archived] 凛 new flyer scan

i got some new flyer from the visual kei shops in Japan. i have still REALies, NEGA, Megaromania, Dali, spiv states, Kaiki!! Doubutsu AGITATOR, undercode countdown event, chariots, cindy kate, RIKU and KANATA birthday event.write if u need something more.

2011-12-04 14:30:00
[Archived] Deluge Game~now with PV

Hello dears~ Who ordered Deluge? I know I did and it's wonderful! I've watched the PV wayyyyy too many times lol! I was wondering if someone would be willing to translate the lyrics for us as we sit and try to pick it apart when we watch lol! ^.^ Also here is the PV http://www.mediafire.com/?82f1za1kicjl3ck I ripped it myself I feel pretty proud! lol!

2011-11-29 14:37:00
DELUGE and NEXT⇒ release date

NEGA's new single, DELUGE, and REALies' new single, NEXT⇒, have been released in Japan!

2011-11-27 17:43:00
RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER minor news roundup

There are lots of little bits of news about last night's 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event, and reports/pictures are just starting to pour in, so I thought I'd do a little roundup post. I'll add stuff as I find it (and feel free to add your own!)

2011-11-27 13:12:00

The 90s visual kei revival live, 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~, was held last night, and it seems that it was a success—a second and third part have just been announced!!


2011-11-26 04:26:00
[Archived] NEGA and REALies samples

Samples of upcoming NEGA and REALies singles have finally been uploaded at Amazon. The preview widgets won't embed for some reason, so you'll have to check the links manually: NEGA, REALies. (As usual, you can only buy if you live in the UK or Japan, and only after the release date.)

2011-11-21 02:21:00
[Archived] Secret Santa recipients assigned

For those of you participating in Secret Santa second season, Santa/recipient pairings have been assigned! You now have a little over a month to prepare and send your gifts. You can view information about your recipient via the link below. After signing in at the top of the page, your recipient's information should be available in the sidebar.

2011-11-16 08:52:00
[Archived] Covers, web shop updates

Covers that have been up for a while, but I hadn't gotten around to posting:

2011-11-10 01:43:00
[Archived] NEGA New Year special project

As the title says~, NEGA has announced a special project to celebrate the New Year. It's four day twoman-ish event series focused in Kobe. The “special” part is that each day will feature completely different costumes, setlists, and guests. By nature of having different setlists on each day, it seems that some pretty rare songs will be played by the band.

2011-11-05 05:54:00

I'm happy to announce that the WE LOVE UNDER CODE sponsored virtual live has officially been decided!! VIRTUAL SUPPRESSION will be held on November 19th (Saturday), streaming online worldwide through USTREAM.

2011-11-04 23:16:00
[Archived] Two SUZAKU updates

From the official 朱 (SUZAKU) blog:_It's been a long time since the last update

2011-11-04 22:59:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu addition...

An additional band will appear at UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event... 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN)! It has just been decided that LIN will play and do the honors of the countdown to 2012. I'm glad that they decided to appear after all!

2011-10-30 01:15:00
[Archived] Interview with NEGA

NIPPON PROJECT posted an interview with NEGA which was conducted at their September 18th live in France. (I'm linking to the English version, but it's also available in French and Russian.)

2011-10-25 16:40:00
[Archived] NEGA FM FUJI

2011-10-21 10:39:00
[Archived] Application privilege updates

More updates from UNDER CODE about application privileges for several releases:

2011-10-21 09:51:00
[Archived] KISAKI PROJECT, LIN, and NEGA exclusively at CDJapan

Great news! KISAKI PROJECT's upcoming single, LIN's live and video clip DVD, and NEGA's upcoming live DVD are all now available at CDJapan!! CDJapan is the only place to buy these releases if you live overseas. But hurry—quantities are very limited!

2011-10-17 10:27:00
[Archived] Official shop group order (KISAKI PROJECT + NEGA)

Hey guys. I'm opening a group order from UNDER CODE OFFICIAL WEB SHOP.

2011-10-17 10:23:00
[Archived] New goods at official web shop

The official web shop has just added some new goods!

2011-10-11 10:06:00
[Archived] Change for NEGA's single

NEGA has announced that they've made a change to the tracklist of their upcoming single, DELUGE. The song which was formerly the B side of the single (Tamerau Kotonaku 「」 ...) has been replaced with a song called SINK.

2011-10-11 09:58:00
[Archived] Privilege updates

UNDER CODE has finally given us some updates on a few privilege items that were announced but never produced:

2011-09-20 19:17:00
[Archived] Kansai Seiatsu 2011~2012 and special session night

Yay! UNDER CODE's annual Christmas and New Year events have been announced! First up is the 13th edition of UNDER CODE's semi-annual session night event.

2011-09-15 12:19:00
[Archived] Emergency Sale!

Hello there....

2011-09-07 10:04:00
[Archived] Recent additions to the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP

From 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN):

2011-09-07 01:58:00
[Archived] NEGA photoshoot

Just found this picture at Jin's blog—it's not a new look, but it is from a recent photoshoot that has different styling than the older pictures. The quality's really bad, and maybe you have already seen it, but I thought I'd share it just in case:[![](http://under-code.occult-proposal.net/uploads/2011-09-07-NEGA.png)](http://under-code.occult-proposal.net/uploads/2011-09-07-NEGA.png)

2011-09-07 01:25:00
[Archived] act unlawfully

UNDER CODE has announced Vol:22 of its long-running (but sporadic) event series, act unlawfully. This volume will be held on November 29th at FANJ-twice.

2011-08-26 00:14:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE Halloween Party 2011

UNDER CODE has just announced that it will host a Halloween party event this year. The event, 地下線マスカレイド (Chikasen /Masquerade/), will be held on October 29th and will feature a handful of label bands—all of which will play under pseudonyms (and, presumably, will dress to match). Additionally, some sort of “Halloween surprise” will occur at the end of the event.

2011-08-22 16:26:00
[Archived] WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster

Hey guys! I recently designed a WE LOVE UNDER CODE poster for myself, but I thought that some of you might like one too. So, take a look, and if you're interested, you can contact me to buy one!

2011-08-18 09:53:00
[Archived] [Selling] NEGA TICKETS FOR COLOGNE !

More under the cut...

2011-08-05 17:33:00
[Archived] Nega Lyrics

Hello dears---so the girlfriend is now obsessed with NEGA (who isn't lol) and we were both wondering if someone could be so kind as to translate the song baku -kono akumu kurai tamae- it would be super special awesome of you...sadly I has no bribes but maybe I could come up with something XD

2011-08-02 03:35:00
[Archived] NEGA live DVD

A bit of news that was seemingly overlooked: NEGA will release a live DVD with footage from their 2011-07-26 revival live! The DVD will be released on 2011-11-01, exclusively through the official web shop.

2011-08-02 03:25:00
[Archived] A word about VANITAS

In his blog, 儿-JIN- posted his feelings and hopes for NEGA's second full album, VANITAS. The post was really insightful and revealing, so I thought I'd share it with you guys. This is a general translation—I couldn't give a perfect one even if I wanted to—so some details are wrong, but the important concepts are all there. Enjoy!

2011-07-30 20:11:00
[Archived] Cure vol.96 KISAKI interview summary

~to go on endless way~

2011-07-30 00:49:00
[Archived] NEGA maxi-single details

NEGA has just announced the details regarding its new maxi-single!

2011-07-29 02:50:00
[Archived] NEGA oneman tour

If you recall, NEGA announced at their recent revival live that they'll be releasing a new maxi-single and full album(!) (original post is here). Well, today they've announced a oneman tour to celebrate those releases (still no official announcement about them though). Check it:

2011-07-25 18:30:00
[Archived] New sponsored event for NEGA

NEGA recently announced a new Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka sponsored event called ALIQUAM VITAE. The event doesn't seem to celebrate anything in particular (i.e., no new release announced), but it's good nonetheless. Full details below.

2011-07-18 16:38:00
[Archived] Question!

2011-07-06 17:38:00
[Archived] Contest: FABLE IN THE COLD BED on US iTunes/Amazon MP3

NEGA's revival single FABLE IN THE COLD BED was released today. Surprisingly, it seems that it's available on US iTunes and US Amazon MP3! (Previous digital UCP releases have been limited to Japan and some European countries.)

2011-07-02 20:38:00
[Archived] REALies first oneman

REALies held their debut oneman yesterday, so I thought I'd do a little roundup post about it!

2011-06-27 08:37:00
[Archived] OFFICIAL WEB SHOP updates

The official web shop just put a bunch of items up for sale. First, the photosets:

2011-06-20 17:43:00

A new “UNDER CODE PRODUCTION BATTLE EVENT” series was announced today. Each event in the series will see UNDER CODE “battling” one of three fellow labels: DUAL CORE SOUND ENTERPRISE, Double River Record, and Planet CHILD Music.

2011-06-16 13:59:00
[Archived] SCUBER DIVE 2011

The first set of bands has been announced for this year's SCUBER DIVE. A handful of UNDER CODE bands have already been confirmed, and I'm sure more will be when upcoming sets are announced.

2011-05-29 23:37:00
[Archived] CURE vol94 scans

2011-05-29 07:01:00

Undercode posted the preview to NEGA's new PV on youtube.

2011-05-21 00:16:00
[Archived] Phantasmagoria tribute live 2011

KISAKI just announced that Phantasmagoria tribute live will be held this year! This one, like last year's, will be held in conjunction with VISUNAVI, as part of their SUMMER Masquerade live series. As with previous tribute lives, the participating bands will play Phantasmagoria songs, and a everyone will get together at the end to play 神 歌 (Kamiuta).

2011-05-20 16:06:00
[Archived] Nega's cover!

Just wanted to post NEGA's cover for the next issue of Cure magazine.

2011-05-20 12:28:00
[Archived] NEGA revival full details

ネガ has finally announced their full revival. And the first order of business is a name change! The band has officially changed their name to NEGA to represent their new period. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a new look ↓

2011-05-08 03:09:00
[Archived] Misty†Chrise distributed CD

Honestly, I'm a little confused about this... In this post, I mentioned that NEGA エンタープライゼス (NEP) released a live-limited “mysterious CD.” Later that day, 優 (Yu) made a post called “mysterious CD's true form.”

2011-05-05 12:17:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2 addition

An additional band has been added to the lineup of UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2: リミット (LIMIT). Oh, and by the way, since I didn't mention it in the last post: this second volume is not free like the first event was.

2011-05-05 01:27:00
[Archived] New CD and DVD from NEGA ENTERPRISES

NEGA エンタープライゼス (NEP) has announced the release of a new CD. The usual applies: “beautiful(?)” signed disc, limited pressings, four types, all types look the same and are given out randomly. The CD will be sold during their 2011-05-06 appearance at the 水風船 (Mizufuusen) last live.

2011-05-01 16:32:00
[Archived] Note about NEGA and Vior gloire

If you saw the UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2 post, you may have noticed that I wrote “NEGA”—this is how it was written in the official lineup provided by KISAKI.

2011-05-01 15:58:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN VOL:2

It seems that the UNDER CODE PRODUCTION sponsored earthquake charity event, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, was a success, so they've decided to hold a second volume! This new event will be held in June at ESAKA MUSE, and several special acts will appear.

2011-04-30 23:19:00
[Archived] Nega revival date set

In the MC during NEGA's set at last night's UNITED LINK for JAPAN charity concert, the band announced that it will revive with a 2011-07-26 oneman at 渋谷 (Shibuya) O-WEST. Before that, they'll play another one-off live on 2011-06-04.

2011-04-28 00:47:00
[Archived] Nega

Nega will be on the cover of the May 21st issue of Cure, and KISAKI posted a tiny preview of their photoshoot here! Furthermore, after the Cure photoshoot, it seems that they began photography for a new PV!

2011-04-25 00:30:00
[Archived] Final UNITED LINK for JAPAN band

If you recall, the UNDER CODE sponsored charity live, UNITED LINK for JAPAN, had one more band to be revealed on March 24th.

2011-04-18 18:53:00
[Archived] Mizufuusen last live

Ok, this is super late; as in, like 6 months late. I just managed to never post it somehow, so forgive me!

2011-04-18 11:38:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA distributed present

If you recall, PERESTROIKA is holding their last event, GLASNOST-XX, over three days. On each day, they'll distribute a free present to everyone who attends. Thanks to 優 (Yu), I can tell you what those presents are: comment CDs!

2011-04-14 19:43:00
[Archived] Dali and Megaromania twoman + events

It has been suddenly decided that Dali and Megaromania will hold a versus twoman in May. A special version of the long-running Chikasen TOP5 session band will also appear as a special guest. Finally, a new band (featuring ex-brodiaea guitarist KEI!) will appear as an opening act, and there will be a special large session at the end.

2011-04-14 13:09:00
[Archived] UNITED LINK for JAPAN additional bands

As promised, the second set of bands that will appear at UNITED LINK for JAPAN has been announced today. (For information on the event, please see the original post.)

2011-04-04 02:29:00
[Archived] Lin's 1st anniversary festival

Some time ago, 凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) announced that they would hold a “1st anniversary festival;” details of the event have just recently been announced.

2011-04-02 15:49:00
[Archived] Nega bass tabs -any of them-

I'm looking for some NEGA bass tabs any help please <i>Posted via LiveJournal app for iPhone.</i>

2011-03-22 15:20:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA tracklisting

The tracklisting for PERESTROIKA's upcoming mini-album has been revealed. So ch-check it out~

2011-03-20 16:54:00
[Archived] Official web shop limited exclusives

These have already sold out, so forgive me, but I figured I should post about them for history's sake. The UNDER CODE PRODUCTION official web shop recently put up a few special, very limited items for sale. First, cheki featuring KISAKI and members of NEGA, members of CindyKate, VIDOLL's RAME, or Sadie's Mao. Only one was available of each, so they sold out almost immediately.

2011-02-14 15:26:00

Hey^^I'm selling some things from different UNDERCODE bands like Phantasmagoria, Kneuklid Romance, chariots...For example this nice photobook from Phantasmagoria and many other things:

][1]Please, if you are interested, take a look [-->HERE<--][2]

2011-02-02 11:51:00
[Archived] Nega revival imminent

The NEGA guys have updated their blogs today, and it seems that a revival will soon be upon us!

2011-01-30 23:26:00
[Archived] Selling posters & flyers

Including: SIVA, NEGA, Sadie, D, The Kiddie, The GazettE, Plastic Tree, MUCC, girugämesh etc...

2011-01-25 08:22:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE / iTunes roundup

I noticed that Cu[be]'s latest single is available for purchase through iTunes, so I thought I'd post about all the UNDER CODE stuff that's currently available there. Buying through iTunes is a much cheaper way to support the label, so please consider it next time you're on the edge about buying a release!

2011-01-17 15:00:00
[Archived] Vote on free t-shirt winner!

Ok, the contest to win a free WE LOVE UCP t-shirt is officially closed. Now it's up to you guys to look through the proposed tracklists and vote for your favorite one! Whoever gets the most votes wins! The poll will be closed by Wednesday.

2011-01-14 23:03:00

O hai gaiz!

2011-01-10 17:44:00
[Archived] Selling

Selling flyers by Arc, chariots (+trigger A-Type single), Cu[be], Dali, NEGA, PERESTROIKA & Rin/Lin

2011-01-07 22:43:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA event and mini-album, Misty†Chrise event

PERESTROIKA announced their next live plans: a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka sponsored event called GLASNOST-XX.


2010-12-24 15:53:00
[Archived] Official web shop photoset sale

The official web shop has added a handful of recent photosets. Most are new/recent, but a few are older. Here's the full list:

2010-12-16 07:51:00

It's that time of the year again~ UNDER CODE has announced the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP SPECIAL FAIR, which will take place from 2010-12-21 to 2011-03-31. I'm sure many cool goods will be for sale during the fair, but for now, only a few things have been announced:

2010-12-08 04:44:00
[Archived] Kisaki & Chikasen ALL STARS

Today KISAKI revealed the lineup of 妃&地下線オールスターズ (KISAKI & Chikasen ALL STARS), the special band that's set to appear at UNDER CODE's new year countdown event. (By the way, I think they were originally announced as the countdown band, but it seems NEGA's doing that now.)

2010-12-02 03:49:00

Watching the NEGA members' blogs, it seems that ㈲ネガエンタープライゼス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) has been shooting a PV for their mega-hit song 商売繁盛! (Shoubaihanjou!). If I read correctly, it will be released at their 2010-12-25 live versus 水風船 (Mizufuusen).

2010-11-12 04:13:00
[Archived] Session night bands revealed

UNDER CODE has revealed the participating session bands for the upcoming session night!

2010-11-11 23:32:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA's new event

PERESTROIKA has announced a new sponsored event for 2011-01-07, which will be held at 渋谷 (Shinjuku) RUIDO-K2. Interestingly, the “main event” is that it will feature a one night revival of Misty†Chrise, which is apparently a former band of 如月 洸一郎 (Kisaragi Kouichirou; aka Ray of NEGA).

2010-11-02 19:16:00
[Archived] Off topic: your opinion on PERESTROIKA?

Thanks to certain places, many of you will have heard PERESTROIKA's debut single by today. So tell me, what did you think?

2010-11-01 01:50:00
[Archived] NEGA ENTERPRISES third press

Session band ㈱ネガエンタープライゼス ((Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) decided to release a third press of their, uh, mega hit single 商売繁盛! (Shoubaihanjou!) at their 2010-10-31 live. This particular press is to commemorate their first Tokyo live, and, as usual, it comes in several types, with no way of telling which is which from physical appearance.

2010-10-21 23:29:00
[Archived] Mizufuusen and NEGA ENTERPRISES photosets

For those of you who want to own the only official photos of the two session bands, UNDER CODE has decided to sell coupling photosets of 水風船 (Mizufuusen) and ㈱ネガエンタープライゼス ((Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES. Each set is 1,050 yen and comes with four photos of 総長 (Souchou/KO-JI) with a member of the rival session.

2010-10-21 00:03:00
[Archived] Three special bands for Kansai Seiatsu 2010~2011

Ok, this is sort of convoluted, but stick with me: remember the new omnibus I posted about this morning? UNDER CODE just uploaded a flyer advertising it. I guess UCP is actually involved with the omnibus somehow (I thought it was just SHOXX), because there's an additional ad at the bottom of the flyer for the 関西制圧2010~2011 (Kansai Seiatsu 2010~2011) event.

2010-10-16 17:08:00
[Archived] Shikkoku no SYMPHONY live photographs

Live photographs of several UNDER CODE bands are available for purchase through broma.jp and 7-Eleven. The photos seem to have been taken at the three day 漆黒のシンフォニー (Shikkoku no SYMPHONY) event at 埼玉会館ホール (Saitamakaikan HALL) in August.

2010-10-07 02:02:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA sample

A sample of PERESTROIKA's HEART has been uploaded at the OHP. [Check it out!][1]

2010-09-29 17:02:00
[Archived] Session Night 12 and Kansai Seiatsu 2010~2011

UNDER CODE has begun announcing their yearly holiday lives~ First up is the 12th edition of the “session party” event series that features tons of sessions made up of UCP musicians. This time, it will take place on 2010-12-26 at OSAKA MUSE. The specific sessions haven't been announced yet, but they'll be revealed closer to the date.

2010-09-29 16:33:00
[Archived] Nega vs PERESTROIKA

Ray posted an entry about PERESTROIKA, calling it a new band in the visual scene and noting how strange it is that the band has four members who look exactly like the members of NEGA. Ray also goes on to say something like “our revival will not be defeated!”

2010-09-23 11:32:00
[Archived] PERESTROIKA fully revealed!

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's new “monster band” has finally been revealed. And it's literally just NEGA.

2010-09-20 18:51:00
[Archived] Mizufuusen vs NEGA ENTERPRISES

Looks like UNDER CODE's resident session bands 水風船 (Mizufuusen) and ㈱ネガエンタープライゼス ((Kabu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) will be holding the ultimate showdown: the loser of this epic live battle may be forced to disband!

2010-09-15 12:50:00
[Archived] !!Sales Advert !! Selling several undercode CDs

Arc, chariots, clear veil, NEGA, SIVA.- Most sill in original package.

2010-08-27 18:59:00
[Archived] Nega's Depart[ure] DVD cover

The cover of NEGA's Depart[ure]-code20100716- live DVD has been revealed. I like that it is similar to their PV DVD. What do you guys think? Will any of you be buying it?

2010-07-30 08:23:00
[Archived] NEGA ENTERPRISES second press

Some months ago, ㈲ネガエンタープライゼス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) released a live-limited maxi-single in four types. Well, it looks like they decided to do it again! They're re-releasing that single in three types, each having a different bonus song (where as in the first press, each type had a different comment track).

2010-07-28 10:02:00
[Archived] More info about Nega's live DVD

Nega's live DVD that http://inartistic.livejournal.com/ mentioned about [here][1] yesterday will be released on September 15th.

2010-07-27 11:45:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE shopping guide

Last updated 2010-08-17The online shop section and shopping service section are now both online. The guide is generally complete!

2010-07-27 05:47:00
[Archived] Nega limited edition live DVD

KISAKI announced in his blog that a live DVD of NEGA's 5th anniversary oneman will be released! The DVD will only be sold through the web shop and at lives, so it's pretty special. No other details are available at this time, but we can guess the tracklist by the setlist of the live.

2010-07-26 20:21:00
[Archived] Nega activity pause live details

I posted earlier about NEGA's temporary activity pause. Details of their last lives before the pause have already been revealed! The band will hold two oneman lives in September, and will officially pause activities (temporarily!) after the second one.

2010-07-26 11:18:00
[Archived] Nega temporary activity pause

Last night, NEGA held their 5th anniversary oneman live, Depart[ure] ~審判の夜~ (Depart[ure] ~Shinpan no Yoru~). Their important announcement was that the band will be temporarily pausing activities.

2010-07-22 04:32:00
[Archived] Nega VISUAL NEGATIVISM -complete- cover

It seems that UNDER CODE still hasn't released the cover of NEGA's VISUAL NEGATIVISM -complete- DVD anywhere yet. And that's a huge problem for our DVD request threads at various forums. So I decided to share a high-res version of the cover to help you guys out!

2010-06-24 03:24:00
[Archived] Upload: 7th Anniversary Rehearsal DVDs

As promised, I finally got around to uploading those rehearsal DVDs for you guys. If you don't remember what I'm talking about, buying three UNDER CODE 7th anniversary lucky bags got you eight comment + rehearsal DVDs earlier in the year.

2010-05-28 23:58:00
[Archived] ClearVeil

① The members of ClearVeil posted comments regarding their disbanding. Unfortunately, I can't translate them, but maybe someone else here can. The members' comments are posted here.

2010-05-27 15:52:00
[Archived] Re: Lots of CDs/DVDs for sale...

Yeah I know, selling posts are a dime a dozen these days but I do want these things gone...Im offloading a good portion of my vk collection including current and former Under Code bands (12012, chariots, Dali, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT, NEGA, VIDOLL)

2010-05-06 04:30:00
[Archived] Live Event~

UNDER CODE is sponsoring a really cool event. It's called 地下線ボーカリストシャッフル祭!? (Chikasen VOCALIST SHUFFLE Matsuri!?) and, well, that pretty much says it all. Several UCP bands will play, but with different vocalists: 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) with 翠 (Sui); Megaromania with 儿 (Jin); NEGA with 苓 (Ren); Arc with 拓 (Taku); and Dali with KO-JI. The event is to take place on 2010-07-14 at OSAKA MUSE.

2010-05-05 17:24:00
[Archived] Misc

① At the 水風船 (Mizufuusen) vs. ㈲ネガエンタープライゼス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) live last night, ㈲ネガエンタープライゼス ((Yuu) NEGA ENTERPRISES) sold their first single. The single came in five types, each one having the same song but a different comment track. Each type had the same cover art to make it impossible to visually tell which version is which. But on the plus side, they were all signed by the band! The single was live limited, so your chances to get it are gone... Yeah, I know, kind of late notice, but they didn't even announce it until the day of the live!

2010-04-20 09:56:00
[Archived] Miscellaneous Stuff

凛 -the end of corruption world- (LIN) will hold a special event at TOWER RECORDS to commemorate the release of their first single. Those who reserve the single in store (phone orders and online orders aren't accepted) will receive a ticket to the event, which includes a mini-live and a handshake session. The event will take place on 2010-06-17 at TOWER RECORDS 渋谷 (Shibuya) STAGE ONE.

2010-04-15 13:00:00
[Archived] Lives

All of this is old, but whatever, it's cool!

2010-04-11 16:46:00
[Archived] chariots' Fate

Well, it's official: chariots will still be around. The former band is now officially RIKU's solo project. The project's first live will be on 2010-05-03 at ESAKA MUSE. The live, subculture, is sponsored by chariots and will also feature NEGA and 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN).

2010-04-02 21:32:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ③

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-04-02 01:58:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ②

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-04-01 10:00:00
[Archived] Mass Update Part ①

・・・Mass Update Trilogy・・・

2010-03-21 05:55:00
[Archived] Nega Release Details

Earlier today, I posted about NEGA's 5th anniversary releases. Full details about them have just been announced!

2010-03-20 20:56:00
[Archived] Nega's Big News

NEGA held their tour final oneman, Prophecy of the XXX, last night. As promised, they made several huge announcements, all regarding their 5th anniversary.

2010-03-16 01:43:00
[Archived] 7th Anniversary Lucky Bag

A few more details have been released regarding those UCP 7th anniversary lucky bags I told you about.

2010-03-03 00:33:00
[Archived] selling Nega goods

Hello! I'm selling some NEGA items I got in Tokyo a year and a half ago. Most of it is cheki of Yuu, but I also have a photoset. These items I'll sell exclusively to this community for now. :)

2010-02-26 12:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE's 7th Anniversary

March will mark the 7th anniversary of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's formation. It's a huge milestone for the label, especially because that means it has officially outlasted Matina! To celebrate the anniversary, the label is making some very rare releases available via the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP, for a very limited time only!

2010-02-08 17:22:00
[Archived] Selling...

2010-01-28 09:32:00
[Archived] Death trap-ID

NEGA is releasing a new long-sleeve t-shirt (in three colors) with Death trap-ID. The shirt comes out on February 8th, but preorders have started. Each shirt costs 5,145 yen and there are special presents for everyone!

2010-01-24 05:13:00
[Archived] Live Events

① Sort of old news, but Phantasmagoria has announced a oneman for 2010-04-05 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT. The live is called Diamond Dust in Truth ~新たな約束~ (Diamond Dust in Truth ~Aratana Yakusoku~). Here's the catch though: it's a “60 Minute Limited Premium Live.” Tickets are being sold at the special price of 1,500 yen, and they're being sold exclusively through UNDER CODE's mobile site from 2010-01-20 through 2010-01-31 (after which they go on general sale).

2010-01-01 22:37:00
[Archived] Live Catchup

(Some of this is old news, so don't give me a hard time!)


2009-12-28 04:15:00
[Archived] Band News

① I previously posted this here, but locked the entry since I wasn't 100% sure. But now I am! シンディケイト (CindyKate) is joining UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and already has a release planned. The band's section at the UCP OHP is here, and there's already a sample up!

2009-12-09 22:26:00
[Archived] Cure DVD vol.1

Hello everybody!

2009-11-30 12:31:00
[Archived] Bad News for chariots

秋都 (Akito), 知 (Tomo), 絽希 (Roki), and 零也 (Reiya) are leaving chariots. That's right, 戮 (Riku) will be the only remaining member. The band's final tour with the current lineup, carnage opera, will take place from 2010-02-14 to 2010-02-27 throughout Japan.

2009-11-30 05:25:00
[Archived] Synside Community

I just opened a Synside LiveJournal community, so go join if you were a fan of brodiaea or just want to keep up with this new band!

2009-11-02 11:57:00
[Archived] Catching Up

chariots officially changed their logo with the release of (Hikari) back on 2009-10-07. (Definitely old news, but I needed to put it somewhere for future reference.)

2009-10-01 10:55:00
[Archived] Release Information

① A large version of chariots' (Hikari) cover has been revealed. See it here.

2009-09-18 18:21:00
[Archived] Shuto Seiatsu

Details of 首都制圧 2009~2010 (Shuto Seiatsu 2009~2010), UNDER CODE's New Year countdown event, have been released. As previously stated, it will take place on 2009-12-31 through 2010-01-01 at 東京キネマ倶楽部 (Tokyo KINEMA Club). Special goods will be available at the live. The lineup is as follows:

2009-09-13 12:30:00
[Archived] News for NEGA

① ネガ (NEGA) announced some good news at their oneman last night. On 2009-11-25, the band will release a new maxi-single, Haunted Jealousy. The band will hold two oneman shows on 2009-11-29 and 2009-12-06 to commemorate the release. More information will be posted when it's made available (KISAKI says the OHP should be updated soon).

2009-08-07 14:18:00
[Archived] Costume updates, downloads

Arc's new costumes were revealed yesterday through VISUNAVI. Check out the costumes here. The costumes look nice, and the photoshoot seems really good! (So weird to think that it's the same band who burst into UNDER CODE looking like a rainbow..)

2009-07-27 22:17:00
[Archived] Catching up

I've been pretty lazy, so most of this “news” is somewhat old.

2009-06-26 11:45:00
[Archived] KISAKI, Pictures, and Privileges

KISAKI will be composing a song, ダークネス (DARKNESS), for the C type of Seven's first single, キラーチューン (KILLER TUNE). Seven is the latest random-ass project by ミチル (MICHIRU), owner of L∞p・Ash RECORDS, and is, for now, a collaboration with 真矢 (Shinya) of LUNA SEA.

2009-06-19 06:37:00
[Archived] ---

① The ranking at UNDER GROUND MUSIC was posted a few days ago.

2009-06-09 12:49:00
[Archived] Sample

① A commercial for ネガ's (NEGA) upcoming album (featuring a sample of the idle PV) has been uploaded to Bands @id's YouTube channel. The commercial is here.

2009-05-31 23:30:00
[Archived] UNDER GROUND MUSIC open

UNDER GROUND MUSIC, the UNDER CODE download site, is now open. It seems to be pretty nice! It features most major releases and a few distribution releases from a good amount of UNDER CODE's bands. It seems that it will also feature non-UNDER CODE bands sometime in the future. Registration is free, and each song is about 210 yen (around 2 dollars). There are also some site-limited releases, mostly live tracks as of now.

2009-05-30 15:07:00
[Archived] Wow

① Go ネガ (NEGA)! If I'm reading this correctly, last night at the ネガ (NEGA) vs. 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) twoman, it was announced that ネガ (NEGA) will be holding a live in Shanghai, China in July! Their first overseas performance.

2009-05-24 00:11:00
[Archived] Woah

① I love it when UNDER CODE surprises us with a tracklisting in advance! The tracklistings for brodiaea's best album and ネガ's (NEGA) albums have been posted. (Oh, p.s., ネガ's (NEGA) picture has been updated too.)

2009-05-20 05:55:00
[Archived] News Flash

Lots of news today~ Sorry for the flood of awesome.

2009-05-16 06:58:00

① Some time ago, I mentioned that the title strip of The End of Missing announced an UNDER CODE PRODUCTION download site. At the time, I was unsure if it was still planned or not. Well, it's actually going to happen! Sometime in June, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's download site, UNDER GROUND MUSIC will go online. Pretty cool!

2009-04-22 18:21:00
[Archived] Loop

① For uh, some reason, another date has been added to UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 tour. The special event will feature 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN) and ネガ (NEGA) in a twoman live/BATTLE! Get ready for a mouthful of a name: 「日本制圧2009 -SPECIAL EDITION-」 -ネガ VS 平成維新 ツーマン公演 地下線霍乱維新党~平成NEGATIVISM~- (「Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -SPECIAL EDITION-」 -NEGA VS HEISEI ISHIN TWOMAN Kouen Chikasenkakuran Ishintou ~Heisei NEGATIVISM~-) will take place on 2009-05-30 at OSAKA MUSE. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

2009-04-21 12:28:00
[Archived] Bandwagon

① Wow, it seems like all of the UNDER CODE bands are updating at once. brodiaea is the latest band to get new costumes for a new photoshoot. A cell-phone picture of the band's new shoot can be seen here. Still no official announcement on the band's fate...

2009-04-18 21:22:00
[Archived] Costumes and chariots

① ネガ (NEGA) held a photography session with new costumes today. Also, a huge shot of chariots' new costumes has been posted at the Death trap-ID blog. The ネガ (NEGA) costumes should appear at the UNDER CODE OHP soon, but you can see the chariots shot here.

2009-02-20 11:36:00
[Archived] Nihon Seiatsu Update

① [From [KISAKI's blog](http://ameblo.jp/undercode-KISAKI)] A true final for UNDER CODE's 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour has been announced. 日本制圧2009 -FINAL- (Nihon Seiatsu 2009 -FINAL-) will take place on 2009-04-22 at 大阪BIG CAT (Osaka BIG CAT), and will feature chariots, ネガ (NEGA), Arc, Dali, Megaromania, ClearVeil, SIVA, 平成維新 (HEISEI ISHIN), cocklobin, and a large session band. A DVD of three types will be distributed at the live. Each type will have the same label but different content, so that no one will know which type they have until they watch it.

2009-02-07 04:01:00
[Archived] Congrats Nega

No real news here, but ネガ (NEGA) has succeeded in completely selling out their recent DVD! That's amazing in general, but even more so considering that it's been out for less than a month. Good job guys!

2009-02-01 11:55:00
[Archived] Nega Fanart^___^

Hey there~<3.

2009-01-20 12:20:00
[Archived] Lots of live news

① It's been revealed that the 日本制圧2009 (Nihon Seiatsu 2009) tour final is actually several lives which are collectively called 渋谷制圧 5DAYS (Shibuya Seiatsu 5DAYS). Here's the complete schedule:

2009-01-17 01:47:00

It's nothing new I'm the bringer of news from Bands @id material regarding our favorite label, but this time it's a special treat!


2008-12-19 15:16:00
[Archived] More News

Lots of updates! Let's start.

2008-11-21 09:42:00
[Archived] More Nega, Plus Arc and Dali

① [From the UNDER CODE OHP] More awesome news for ネガ (NEGA) fans: the band will be releasing two brand new singles next year. There are no types, every song is new, and the tracklistings are already announced. Pretty cool! There's also an official privilege; those who buy both new singles at the same time will be eligible to receive a special DVD of some sort. No details regarding the DVD have been given, but more information will be available in the packaging of the CD's themselves.

2008-11-20 09:04:00
[Archived] Nega News

① [From the UNDER CODE OHP] Photos of the (awesome) new ネガ (NEGA) look are online: official one here, and a much bigger and better one here. ネガ (NEGA) will be participating in a FACE MUSIC and UNDER CODE sponsored threeman live, along with アヲイ (Awoi) and Envus. The live is entitled West Side Revolution and will be held on 2009-01-25 at OSAKA MUSE. Also, ネガ (NEGA) will be releasing a "SPECIAL DVD" entitled VISUAL NEGATIVISM containing a "PSYCHO HORROR CLIP" plus live tracks from the band's appearance at Phantasmagoria's last live.

2008-09-23 16:55:00
[Archived] Buying Phantasmagoria CDs

I thought I'd ask all you Phantasmagoria experts out there about the band's CDs. They've had so many releases that it's hard to for me to keep track of all of them.

2008-09-19 11:51:00
[Archived] PMX

For those in Southern Cali or those planning on attending PMX08, there is a poll asking which band you would like to see play there!

2008-09-12 11:46:00
[Archived] selling: CDs, DVDs, autograph board

12012 - hide&seek DVD (new), Phantasmagoria - NEVER REBELLION CD+DVD

2008-09-10 01:13:00
[Archived] PMX Poll

2008-08-06 23:55:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2008-08-06)

Hey everybody,

2008-07-18 11:41:00
[Archived] Homepage Soundbite Updates + Arc&Dali

① The UCP homepage was recently updated to include several new and changed soundbites for bands -- certainly a good way to get a sneak on the new releases coming up!

2008-06-29 11:33:00
[Archived] Selling: Nega

2008-06-15 15:16:00
[Archived] Release Information, News

① Four new releases for ClearVeil have been announced. It's not really surprising, but it's definitely good news. They will be following the latest UNDER CODE trend of releasing a small live DVD with one of those releases. The number of tracks on each release isn't confirmed, but it's almost guaranteed to be three because of the price. (Now we just have to wait for chariots and SIVA to announce something new..)

2008-05-13 20:04:00
[Archived] News: New Releases through iTunes

As of May 8th, select UNDER CODE PRODUCTION music is available for purchase of iTunes. It's the first time that UCP has offered digital downloads and I highly recommend purchasing something if you are at all interested; strong support will probably encourage KISAKI to make more available, and it's a LOT cheaper and easier (the iTunes store takes credit cards as well as PayPal) than important CD's or even buying them in Japan. To make the deal a little sweeter, the offerings are iTunes Plus releases, which means that they are basically free of DRM and higher in quality without costing more than normal releases. It's pretty cool, very much worth the small price. Here's the info of what is currently available:

2008-03-31 19:14:00
[Archived] Zeal Link and Brand X Comment DVD

I sell these two DVD because I need money to buy new...

2008-03-20 06:50:00
[Archived] News: New Band

① Maybe this is old and I'm just crazy, but according to the Deshabillz page at the UNDER CODE OHP, the new UNDER CODE band is called Megaromania. They will be holding a twoman live with Deshabillz on June 1st.

2008-03-03 16:00:00
[Archived] News: Nega

① The UNDER CODE OHP was updated today and, along with the cover of SIVA's best album, news of a new ネガ (NEGA) release was posted! It's a little surprising, considering how recently their minialbum was released, but it's definitely good news for fans. Details are below.

2008-02-04 15:22:00
[Archived] News: Arc, chariots, V.A.

① The tracklistings for the upcoming UNDER CODE omnibus live DVD--High Style Paradox 5 ~NEW BORN "organization"~--and the first single of chariots' four month release campain--唯 [Yui]--have been added to the release page at the UNDER CODE OHP.

2008-01-17 02:47:00
[Archived] selling stuff

Hi, I'm selling a bunch of stuff over at my journal. All items are in mint condition (brand new and unopened).


2007-12-20 11:59:00
[Archived] News: Arc, chariots, V.A.

① Tons of releases were announced through Brand X today, some surprising and some not. Arc has a new look and is releasing something new, and there's a new volume of High Style Paradox, the first in over two years!. There are also a ton of new releases from chariots (I guess KISAKI wasn't lying when he said he was going to push them to the top!) and tracklistings to ClearVeil's upcoming CDs. Heeere you go:

2007-11-19 23:33:00
[Archived] News: hurts, ネガ (Nega), Siva

① The UNDER CODE OHP has been updated with several releases. To the point:

2007-09-23 03:02:00
[Archived] selling: CDs, flyers

Hi~ I'm selling some stuff [at my LJ][1], including:

2007-08-21 00:46:00
[Archived] News: Phantasmagoria, V.A.

① I'll try to bang this one out quickly. Brand X just posted news of two new Phantasmagoria live DVDs. Both will be fairly huge and haven't been filmed yet! Information to follow.

2007-07-17 09:26:00
[Archived] vk flyers for sale!

In the interest of earning money to fund my rather extravagant hobbies, I'm selling off the huge stack of visual kei flyers I managed to gather during my 9 months in Nagoya. Visual kei fans, here's your chance to find something nice to put on your wall!

2007-06-17 16:41:00
[Archived] News: Nega

Although it hasn't officially opened yet, it seems that NEGA has replaced Celia'xeno's HOLIDAY blog. So far there are no real posts, and I'm not sure whether or not it will replace the band's current blog, but here's the link:

2007-06-07 09:54:00
[Archived] †NEWS†

Just a quick, but important update.

2007-03-12 16:22:00
[Archived] †News†

① It's safe to say that most of us have been expecting new UNDER CODE CDs for quite some time. So, it's not very surprising that a slew of upcoming releases have been announced today. Arc, hurts, KISAKI PROJECT (surprise!), ネガ (NEGA), and Pashya have all announced very cool things, including some second presses (apparently the first presses have sold extremely well; good job guys!). It's a bit weird that SIVA hasn't announced anything, but I'm sure we'll hear from them soon.

2007-01-25 16:42:00
[Archived] News: Release

On Valentine's Day (surprise surprise), Bands@id and UNDER CODE will release a joint DVD. The fourth in a series, Bands Shock DVD Vol.4 ~日本制圧完全版~ [~Nihon Seiatsu Kanzen Ban~] will contain live clips from.. pretty much everyone. Included in the DVD are: Phantasmagoria, ヴィドール [VIDOLL], 12012, 秘密結社コドモA [Himitsu Kessha CODOMO A], SIVA, Pashya, ダリ [Dali], Arc, hurts, ネガ [NEGA], VAGERKE, Deflina Ma'riage, 音鬼 [Oto Oni], SOUND OF SILENCE, and SERPENT. In similar news, the tracklisting for Decadence2007 has finally been announced.

2007-01-04 15:14:00
[Archived] News: Release

As you all know, ネガ [NEGA] recently joined UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. Well, not surprisingly, they've announced two new releases.


2006-12-25 13:41:00
[Archived] Nega joins under code!

If I'm trasnlating correctly from KISAKI's blog, the band NEGA, who KISAKI has been producing, officially joined Under code as of last night's live.

2006-12-19 16:42:00
[Archived] News: Release

I guess this will be old news to most of you (since, oh my god, it's two days late), but here goes:

2006-11-06 17:47:00
[Archived] Tons of News

Ok, I've gotten way behind on the release news (these like, stealth releases keep getting announced, so there's A LOT). So, here's kind of a quick overview:


2005-12-17 15:43:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2005-12-17)

wtf mate. ray from aliene ma'riage is the bassist for NEGA.

2005-11-09 21:41:00
[Archived] ダリ and pashya

the new undercode band ダリ is not this one:

2005-06-15 18:06:00
[Archived] Huge Updates + Release List