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2016-05-04 09:16:00
Paranoid≠circuS tour and live-limited single

PARANOID≠CIRCUS will begin their live-limited single release tour, MAGICAL STAR NIGHT PARADE, on 2016-07-14 at Kyoto (京都) MOJO.

2016-01-13 10:45:00
KISAKI and friends in Stuppy

ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION artists KISAKI (LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)), Rame (Black Gene For the Next Scene), and JUI and jun (GOTCHAROCKA) have participated in a photoshoot for Stuppy Vol.9.


2015-11-19 00:14:00
UCP session band, Rame in an ambulance, & upcoming reunion?

UNDER CODE PRODUCTION session band Shingen Kichi SPECIAL ~PERMANENT BAND~ (神言基地SPECIAL ~パーマネントバンド~) successfully completed its live at Abeno ROCKTOWN. They played several staples of Kisaki & Kansai Kizoku (妃&関西貴族) setlists:

2015-04-27 09:19:00
SPATS announce next live

Anime-theme-song cover band SPATS (スパッツ) has announced its second live. The “legendary” session band―comprised of V. Jin [HERO] / G. jun [ex-Phantasmagoria~GOTCHAROCKA] / G. Toki [Black Gene For the Next Scene] / B. HIIRO [ex-NEU] / D. TERO [ex-VIDOLL]―will hold its first oneman on 2015-05-12 at Takadanobaba AREA; due to that oneman selling out in minutes, a second oneman has been announced for 2015-10-14 at TSUTAYA O-WEST. If the second oneman doesn't sell at least 550 tickets, the group will disband.

2015-04-03 06:23:00
REALies to disband

As we thought, REALies will disband ([members' comments][1]). Their [best albums][2] release on June 10th, their last sponsored event is on jun 22nd, a bus trip with fans will be held on July 11th, and the group will disband at the final stop of their oneman tour, I did it my way., on 2015-08-08. REALies will have lasted for 4 years, with no member changes, and with a definite growth compared to their start at UNDER CODE PRODUCTION. I'm quite proud of them for that. Good luck boys!

2015-01-08 09:59:00
GOTCHAROCKA × ARLEQUIN special feature

GOTCHAROCKA (and ex-Phantasmagoria) guitarist jun and ARLEQUIN (アルルカン) (ex-Cu[be]) guitarist Nao (奈緒) are featured in a [special dual interview][1] to celebrate ViSULOG's 4th anniversary. It's pretty interesting to read those two ex-UNDER CODE bandmen talk to each other!


2014-08-06 01:42:00

On 2014-07-09, a special session band comprised of ex-UNDER CODE PRODUCTION roadies held its first (and only) live:

2014-07-31 13:52:00
BERLIN~GRIEVER and Synside new band, ALVION

Today, the new band of vocalist SIN (ex-BERLIN ~ etc.) and guitarist KKY (ex-Synside ~ etc.) has been announced! ALVION will hold its formation sponsored event, DAZZLING MARROW, on 2014-10-11 at Umeda (梅田) Zeela.

2014-06-04 03:06:00
ISORA session night: Cu[be] vocalist, SUZAKU, and more

ISORA (イソラ) has revealed the session lineups for its celebration of guitarist 空-ciel's birthday. Among others, the ex-vocalist of Cu[be] and ex-members of SUZAKU (朱) (朱) are featured!

2014-05-22 22:53:00
ISORA photo, event, and distributed CD

ISORA (イソラ) has revealed their official photo, their next sponsored event, a distributed CD, and their latest support members. Check below for the details!

2014-03-03 10:53:00
Musoukai new events announced

Ray, ex-NEGA and now president of his own label(?) Musoukai (無双会), has announced his label's collaboration event with Livqueur Records (label of ex-KALEN (カレン) (カレン) Takaya).


2013-04-29 23:14:00
UCP members session event

Many members of UCP bands will be participating in Ash OSAKA's session event, MOVING TARGET, on June 29th. Some of the sessions sound quite cool; check out the full lineup below!


2012-05-07 17:55:00
[Archived] New prices!!!

Hi dear UnderCode fans!

2012-04-13 20:39:00
[Archived] I'm selling...

Hi Under Code fans,

2012-01-23 22:36:00
~My UNDERCODE lucky bag from Brand-X~

Hello everyone!

2012-01-22 22:12:00
[Archived] ~My Undercode gifts~

Hello everyone!


2011-12-11 21:01:00
[Archived] New prices for you!!!

Hi Under Code fans,

2011-11-28 19:01:00
[Archived] New and old items!

Hi Under Code fans,

2011-11-27 17:43:00
RETURN of VISUAL MONSTER minor news roundup

There are lots of little bits of news about last night's 輪・廻・転・生 ~A RETURN of “VISUAL MONSTER”~ (Rin・ne・ten・sei) event, and reports/pictures are just starting to pour in, so I thought I'd do a little roundup post. I'll add stuff as I find it (and feel free to add your own!)

2011-11-08 20:48:00
[Archived] More new items and new prices!


2011-11-01 22:21:00
[Archived] New (and old) items...


2011-10-16 18:19:00
[Archived] New prices and new items...


2011-10-07 20:32:00
[Archived] New prices!!!


2011-09-06 20:16:00
[Archived] I'm selling...



2010-12-12 20:58:00
[Archived] Taku's friends

Assuming you've read/seen the posts Taku's UCP friends have written about him, here are some from people who are not from the label ((though some are related in one way or other)) if anyone's interested. I'm sure there are more out there, these are just those I came across while wanting to read those people's blogs. You can make a search for more, if you'd like. Translations are always welcome if you feel like doing it.

2010-10-04 16:23:00
[Archived] Phantasmagoria - Diamond Dust kanji and romaji lyrics

Took me one whole day because of one single stupid kanji, which is in the end a really simplex word D:

2010-09-28 20:58:00
[Archived] Lin pics

Lin's profile pics have been updated on the UCP OHP. Click [HERE][1] to see them.

2010-08-28 14:07:00
[Archived] Sharing some stuff

Hi there! I would like to share some stuff for you.

2010-06-25 00:05:00
[Archived] Tainted Reality Interview

For everyone that missed it I tried to type it up as the interview went. However this is not exact, or word for word. So I apologize for any mix ups.

2010-04-05 08:35:00
[Archived] Diamond Dust in Truth

Phantasmagoria's last live is now over! Thanks to all the wonderful http://under_code"; members who watched and chatted with me. Here's a little recap for those who missed it:

2010-02-26 12:18:00
[Archived] UNDER CODE's 7th Anniversary

March will mark the 7th anniversary of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION's formation. It's a huge milestone for the label, especially because that means it has officially outlasted Matina! To celebrate the anniversary, the label is making some very rare releases available via the OFFICIAL WEB SHOP, for a very limited time only!

2010-01-28 19:39:00
[Archived] spiv states

Cure Media USA posted an English interview with spiv states. Read it here. I bet you can't guess who jun's hero is!

2010-01-24 05:13:00
[Archived] Live Events

① Sort of old news, but Phantasmagoria has announced a oneman for 2010-04-05 at 大阪 (Osaka) BIG CAT. The live is called Diamond Dust in Truth ~新たな約束~ (Diamond Dust in Truth ~Aratana Yakusoku~). Here's the catch though: it's a “60 Minute Limited Premium Live.” Tickets are being sold at the special price of 1,500 yen, and they're being sold exclusively through UNDER CODE's mobile site from 2010-01-20 through 2010-01-31 (after which they go on general sale).


2009-01-30 21:01:00
[Archived] Undercode Production Bible Vocal Interview - Part 2

Sorry for taking so long, final exams got in the way xD.


2008-12-07 01:10:00
[Archived] Selling UC stuff

Just getting rid of extra stuff I don't want :D

2008-06-25 17:23:00
[Archived] Re: eek! another sales post...

Im selling a bunch of Phantasmagoria, SIVA, chariots, attic (jun solo works), bloody clown, Codomo A, 12012 (pre- and post-graduation) and VIDOLL (pre-graduation) items (along with stuff from various other artists) [here in my journal][1] :3

2008-02-24 19:06:00
[Archived] New fansites~

I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm currently in the process of creating two UCP-related fansites: [speed martini][1] - a Mar'derayla (マーディレイラ ~Mar'derayla~) fansite and [UGLY GANG][2] - a jun fansite.


2007-10-19 02:25:00
[Archived] new jun´s solo work community

new comm about jun´s solo works has been created by are gonna to help )

2007-10-18 19:47:00
[Archived] New community

I wasn't going to start whoring my community out until I was done with the layout, but due to the situation, here it is.

2007-10-18 16:25:00
[Archived] Releases

Brand X just updated with a slew of new releases @__@

2007-03-24 13:15:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2007-03-24)

Hi I have a little request o.o

2007-02-13 21:08:00
[Archived] JUN Layout

IMAGE: jun

2007-01-06 17:40:00
[Archived] Jun´s single

I am so ecxited how the single of jun will sound^^! If anyone has it after it is released please upload! am I the only one whi think that jun look like hide on this photo o.O.


2006-12-17 11:15:00
[Archived] News: Release

Well, you can add two more CDs to the growing "UC shit to buy" list. Yeah, I know what you're thinking; "What?! Is 12012 releasing another 500 type single?!" No! These releases kind of took me off guard. Anyways:


2005-04-06 04:07:00

Last night, I went to the big-ass Under Code event in Osaka (all six Under Code bands played).


2004-11-21 19:21:00
[Archived] (Untitled post 2004-11-21)

Hello! I just recently joined the under code community, because all I listen to is Under Code bands.. :P

2004-10-11 09:43:00
[Archived] Phanta-- what?

Kisaki's final band new band called 「Phantasmagoria