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An interview with JIRUDORE


Today we have an exclusive interview with vkei band JIRUDORE (ジルドレ).

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ) is a young band that formed at the beginning of 2019. Their concept revolves around vocalist MIROKU (ミロク) being at odds with the other two members: initially as “prisoner vs jailers,” and now as “demon vs angels.”

The band recently released their 4th single, Boku TO 「Boku」 (ぼくト「ぼく」), and gave us a playful interview about their worldview.

JIRUDORE (ジルドレ), thank you very much for agreeing to this interview.

⚠ 日本語版へこちら。

  • [Lily, Natsuki, MIROKU] Thank you for having us.

  • Please introduce yourselves.

[B. Lily] I’m bassist Lily.

[G. Natsuki (那月)] I’m guitarist Natsuki.

[V. MIROKU (ミロク)] I’m vocalist MIROKU.

  • What’s one word each of you would use to describe the other members?

[Lily] For Natsuki, “summer boy”; for MIROKU, “hazardous.”

[MIROKU] For Lily, “cosplayer.”

[Lily] Rude (laughs)

  • What is a cheap daily item that you can’t live without?

[Lily] Energy drink.

[Natsuki] Calpis.

[MIROKU] McDonalds.

  • Please tell us how JIRUDORE formed.

[Lily] Myself and Natsuki originally worked in different genres, but we had the opportunity to support a vkei band and we got to know each other. We were introduced to MIROKU and became 3 people!

B. Lily

B. Lily

  • What is the origin and meaning of your name?

[Lily] The band name was decided in 5 seconds after I said “JIRUDORE?” and everyone else immediately said OK (laughs).

  • What is the band’s concept?

[Lily] “Human psychology, truth, loneliness.”

  • The band has only 3 members. Is there any advantage to that kind of lineup?

[Lily] Nothing in particular. We can do everything, but we’re still looking for a drummer (laughs).

  • What makes JIRUDORE unique? What are the band’s strong points?

[Lily] It’s definitely MIROKU’s character and Natsuki’s guitar, right?

[Natsuki] My guitar can’t be defeated.

[MIROKU] What’s inside Lily’s skirt is unique.

[Lily] What's that? (laughs)

  • How did you become interested in VK?

[Natsuki] I was fascinated by how different it is from reggae, the coolness, the pureness of its colors.

  • In VK, there are many different aesthetics. How would you describe your aesthetic, and why did you choose it?

[Lily] My aesthetic is the style of a woman.

[MIROKU] I think only people with the illness of thinking like a teenager would choose VK.

[Natsuki] Pureness of color.

  • There is often a “performance” component to your concerts (such as “arresting” the vocalist). How do you come up with those ideas?

[Lily] We just spend eternity thinking of how to capture MIROKU.

G. Natsuki (那月)

G. Natsuki (那月)

  • How do you choose the setlist for a live?

[Lily] When we enter rehearsal, we just decide by feeling; but at the end, MIROKU chooses the songs.

  • How do you prepare for a live?

[Lily] Reading and calming down.

[Natsuki] Carefully washing important places.

[MIROKU] By going to McDonalds the day before.

  • Please tell us about your most difficult live so far, and your favorite live so far.

[MIROKU] There’s no live that’s been difficult, but as far as strengths I would say MC, because we’re a communicable bunch (laughs)

[Lily] My favorite live was my birthday live. I was very happy to be celebrated by the visitors.

V. MIROKU (ミロク)

V. MIROKU (ミロク)

  • Which song is your favorite to perform, and why?

[Lily] “Believer,” and recently “Boku TO [Boku].” I like Believer because it’s a song that’s closer to metal, but also because the lyrics refer to a certain incident that I have thoughts about. “Boku TO [Boku]” is the fastest song in JIRUDORE’s history, so it’s fun to play.

  • What’s your favorite venue to play at and why?

[Lily, Natsuki, MIROKU] Ikebukuro BlackHole! MIYAUTHI!

  • What’s your process for making new songs?

[MIROKU] Lily gives the title of an “incident” (new song) and we go from there.

2019-11-30Maria trailer
  • Please tell us about the process of making an MV. How do you decide on the concept, locations, etc?

[Lily] We leave the concept and scenario to MIROKU. The location is easy to decide because each song is based around an incident (crime).

[MIROKU] Our song next summer will be Lily in a bikini.

[Lily] I won’t wear it (laughs).

  • Please tell us about your 4th single, Boku TO 「Boku」. Could you tell us a little bit about the songs included in it? Were there any challenges or triumphs with it?

[MIROKU] It was a very difficult challenge because the theme for the 4th single, as decided by Lily, was just... “chimpanzee.” So I forcibly smashed “chimpanzee” into JIRUDORE’s concept, and I think the result was good (laughs)

The theme is actually about a chimpanzee which was raised by a human family from a young age, which eventually attacked one of those people. From the idea of “not being recognized as a person,” I drew my feelings about racism and homosexuality.

The coupling track is also tied to animals, so I interpreted that as being about a pet that I love.

  • JIRODORE is active for 1 year now. What are some milestones from that time?

[Lily] Probably JOKER, because it’s when the idea of “angels and demons” came to the foreground as a band, replacing our previous concept of “prisoners and jailers.”

  • Please tell us your goals as a band for 2020.

[Lily] More beautiful!

[Natsuki] More white!

[MIROKU] More black!

  • Lastly, please give a message to everyone.

[Lily] MIROKU is punished without trial!

[MIROKU] I didn’t do it!

[Natsuki] I did it!



The band's 4th single, Boku TO 「Boku」 (ぼくト「ぼく」), was released on March 5th. Early purchasers receive a ticket for a twoshot picture with the band.

[Upcoming live schedule]

  • 3/31 Shinjuku club SCIENCE
  • 4/3 Ikebukuro EDGE
  • 4/13 Toshima Shishio (獅子王)
  • 5/8 Shinjuku club SCIENCE
  • 5/11 Toshima Shishio (獅子王)
  • 5/20 Shinjuku club SCIENCE
  • 5/27 Ikebukuro EDGE

To JIRUDORE (ジルドレ), thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview! We wish you luck.

Thanks to @Ryu for coordination.

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An interview with JIRUDORE

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He's right -- visual-kei is quite different from Reggae.... 🤔

An interview with JIRUDORE

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"The band has only 3 members. Is there any advantage to that kind of lineup? [Lily] Nothing in particular. We can do everything, but we’re still looking for a drummer (laughs)."