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ALCYON is a Nagoya (名古屋) based visual kei band who formed in December 2017, and started activity in July 2018. They typically focus on heavy-toned music which contrasts beautifully against the high voice of vocalist Sera.

They celebrate their second anniversary this July at Nagoya Fits ALL. Read on to learn about their two years of activity so far.

  • ALCYON, thank you for this opportunity! First, let’s get to know each member.

  • First, please introduce yourselves.

    [Sera (星羅)] I’m vocalist Sera.

    [Sou (颯)] I’mmm primary guitarist Sou.

    [Kuu (喰)] I’m secondary guitarist Kuu!

    [Kai (海)] I’m bassist Kai.

    [Ten (天)] I’m drummer Ten, the fool who has a few screws loose. I’m a shy person, but I’m always saying unimportant things.

Vo.星羅 (Sera)
Vo.星羅 (Sera)
  • What’s a cheap daily item that you can’t live without?

    [Sera] I hate it when I can’t brush my teeth, so I guess it’s a toothbrush (laughs).

    [Sou] The bed!

    [Kuu] Hair care goods

    [Kai] It’s lotion. I’m afraid of dry skin.

    [Ten] Face mask (because I’m shy and too embarrassed to be seen)

  • What’s your favorite food and alcohol?

    [Sera] I love sweets. I can’t drink much.

    [Sou] I love potato chips but I can’t drink much.

    [Kuu] I love eel and Malibu. I could eat eel every day.

    [Kai I like chicken cartilage. I don’t like alcohol much.

    [Ten] Strawberries and fried eggs. I’m not much of a drinker.

  • Any other things you love to do besides music?

    [Sera] I love clothes so I like going shopping.

    [Sou] Playing with cats.

    [Kuu] Sleeping and eating.

    [Kai] I’m addicted to strength training.

    [Ten] Gaming, sports.

Dr.天 (Ten)
Dr.天 (Ten)
  • How did each of you become interested in visual kei?

    [Sera] It was the influence of my brother. In middle school I listened to ALICE NINE (アリス九號.) and was shocked.

    [Sou] I was drawn to these bands because I love hide!

    [Kuu] It was on YouTube that visual kei appeared in the related videos section, and it went from there

    [Kai] It was when our vocalist Sera-kun recommended some songs.

    [Ten] My brother loves visual kei and I was influenced by that.

  • Do any of you listen to vkei regularly? Does it inspire your musical work?

    [Sera] I listen to various genres of music. Of course visual kei is one of those. In fact it was ARLEQUIN that made me want to make heavier music with 7-string guitar.

    [Sou] I listen to visual kei but I also listen to a wide range of popular music and jazz!

    [Kuu] I listen a lot! Personally the person I really respect is bo_ya from the Raid.

    [Kai] I like lynch. and listen to them a lot.

    [Ten] I listen to it all the time!

  • Next, let’s talk about your new single, “Another,” which was released on May 16th.

  • [Kai] This will be the first time we’ve done digital distribution. It’s going to be an unforgettable single due to the influence of corona.
  • How was the title track, Another, composed?

    [Sera] I always compose and write the lyrics. This song is as much more focused on “conveying something” than usual.

    [Kai] This was purely a production of Sera.

  • Can you please tell us about the lyrical story of Another?

    [Sera] I think we all have times where it feels so difficult that we want to throw it all away.

    But our dark thoughts are sure to be betrayed by a wonderful outcome, so let’s hold out. I wrote this because I wanted to tell many people, including myself, this unspectacular but important feeling: “Stay alive.”

  • How were the coupling songs Misery and Gokusaichou (極彩蝶) composed?

    [Sera] I wanted to make a song with a visual kei feeling, so I made Misery inspired on that feeling. (laugh)

    I wanted to make a song about butterflies, so Gokusaichou (極彩蝶) is created with a feeling of fluttering and falling.

  • What is the difference between your first single, Tomoshibi (灯火), and this new single?

    [Sera] Tomoshibi (灯火) pursued the typical ALCYON style, while Another includes something which is not found in any previous ALCYON songs.

  • What are you most proud of with Another?

    [Sera] That it turned into a cool piece!

Gt.喰 (kuu)
Gt.喰 (kuu)
  • Lastly, let’s learn more about the band.

  • Please tell us how you formed. How did you meet?

    [Sera] Kai, Sou, and I were classmates, it’s our first band together!

    [Sou] Sera, Kai, and I already knew each other, so later Ten joined us, but we wanted to be a 5 member band so Kuu joined too.

    [Kai] We all met as students・・・ so it all started from there.

  • What is ALCYON’s concept? And what does the name ALCYON mean?

    [Sera] We don’t have a band concept, we’re just free in what we wanna play.

    [Kai] I guess we’ve never really thought about it.

  • How would you describe the style of your costumes? How did you choose that style?

    [Sera] I’m always thinking about how I’m going to look during a live. It’s from wanting to look cool.

    [Sou] My skirt doesn’t have a front part. Well, you don’t see a skirt that’s open in the front often.

    [Kuu] I thought that this time it would be good to go with white costumes to match the atmosphere of the songs and how they went. From there, the members freely decided what kind of design they wanted to wear.

    [Kai] I decided to focus on a light and fluffy feel this time.

Gt.颯 (Sou)
Gt.颯 (Sou)
  • In your activity so far, what are you most proud of?

    [Sera] That we are still together with our original line-up.

  • Please tell us about one of your most memorable lives. Also please tell us the reason.

    [Sera] Our oneman live at HOLIDAY NEXT NAGOYA, on July 7th last year. Even until today my emotions never have exploded that much. It was an amazing, great day.

    [Sou] Kuu-chan’s Birthday! I was impressed that Kuu-chan bought a cake for his birthday party. I really didn't expect that.

    [Kuu] Our first anniversary oneman. For the first time ever, I was so moved by the fact that people just came to see us! That day, when we played our first song, I was crying...

    [Kai] Our first anniversary live on July 7th last year, it was totally great experience.

  • Lately, there is a trend to do lives on YouTube, sell music digitally, and so on. Have you considered this?

    [Sera] We started to distribute songs on digital platforms, so please stream and download a lot!

    [Sou] If it’s possible, I like to continue to distribute digitally.

    [Kuu] We currently distribute our music via any distribution platform.

    [Kai] Because we couldn’t play any lives due covid-19 we decided to release our works online straight away.

  • What is your strongest point as a band and what makes you an unique band?

    [Sera] We are a friendly band.

    [Kuu] We are a close friend band!

    [Kai] We don’t act as grown ups!.

Ba.海 (Kai)
Ba.海 (Kai)
  • What are ALCYON’s goals as a band for 2020?

    [Sou] That many more people will know ALCYON

    [Kuu] That more people outside of Nagoya also will know us.

    [Kai] I wish to make the band more famous!

  • Lastly, please give a message to everyone.

    [Sera] From today on to, my best regards!

    [Sou] Please listen to our songs many times and memorize our songs perfectly!!

    [Kuu] Thank you for reading the interview until the end! Best regards!

    [Kai] If it’s possible again, please come to our lives again.

    [Ten] I love the songs which Sou creates, and I want everyone to listen to them a lot!

  • Thank you for this interview. We wish you the best of luck.

Thanks to Ryu and for coordination. And to vkeijonas and other friends for help.

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