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  • Xenjn commented. January 24, 20132013年1月24日
    HIIII~! I am really interested in the Mago/Vidoll live DVD! I'll message you~!
  • Xenjn commented. January 8, 20132013年1月8日
    I really wanted to comment after I saw Riku's blog post basically asking people to not call Mizuki names. It's important that people listen to that, and realize that Mizuki is a human being. He has shit happen to him just like we do, every day. I'm sure he made this decision because he felt it was the right choice in the matter. As fans it's always easy for us to get caught up in the 'BUT I WANT MORE MUSIC/SHOWS/INSTOREEVENTS/etc NOW" craze, and I hate it, because it not only puts unrealistic expectations on the artists, but it gives them such a heavy sense of obligation that they'll push aside the most important things for fear of letting their fans down. Though I'm not OMG YAY MIZUKI LEFT, sort of happy, I am happy that he did this, that he had the courage to do what he needed to do in his life. He chose his humanity over his obligation, I can have only respect for him.
  • Xenjn collected REQUIEMREQUIEM. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn collected Seeds of BrainSeeds of Brain. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn collected Jade / cold prayJade / cold pray. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn collected Doku. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn collected Clear or ErodeClear or Erode. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn collected HISKAREAHISKAREA. November 9, 20122012年11月9日
  • Xenjn commented. November 3, 20122012年11月3日
    Hii! Okay! I got paid! Send me a PM with the total + shipping? :D Thank you so much for holding the items for me!
  • Xenjn commented. November 2, 20122012年11月2日
    Hello again darling~! :D Would you mind pretty please taking a picture of this for me? I think I might have it but I'm not sure~ -Vidoll & Phantasmagoria Coupling LIVE DVD Genei bijinkan, price: 25€ Thank you!
  • Xenjn commented. November 1, 20122012年11月1日
    Alright so I know this was a whiiiiille ago, but when you first uploaded it, I didn't have a computer capable of downloading anything, and now that I do, Megaupload is completely gone! Is there any way, at all, that you could reupload this to a site that isn't down? D: Or something? Anything? Pretty please? :D
  • Xenjn commented. October 28, 20122012年10月28日
    What? Oh my god what happened? Am I missing something?
  • Xenjn commented. October 28, 20122012年10月28日
  • Xenjn commented. October 28, 20122012年10月28日
  • Xenjn commented. October 27, 20122012年10月27日
    Omg yes! Add that too my order pretty please! <3 Oh! And The Gazette - Leech + DVD!! :D

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