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  • S4pB_Forever commented. October 21, 20162016年10月21日
    Yes! Kisaki-san has done a lot to be respected for and to be awaited by his fans, no matter what...
  • S4pB_Forever commented. October 21, 20162016年10月21日
    Kisaki is sooo ambiguous - like day and night...
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 19, 20162016年8月19日
    Thank You a lot!
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 17, 20162016年8月17日
    It's so sad that Jin has to widthdraw to get a medical treatment as far as I understood their tweets, but his health is most important - let's wish him full recovery from whatever he's suffering! And also let's wish the band a lot of courage to continue while he's absent 🙏🏼 I want to believe in 4 of them!
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 17, 20162016年8月17日
    Inartistic, I'm very happy there're people who likes Chariots! My friend heard from someone that their lives in Japan are not being so highly attended, but I hope very much they still have enough support to continue and having enthusiasm 🙏🏼
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 16, 20162016年8月16日
    Even being quite objective, I think the release is really good and interesting on it own and it's great compared to many others from visual-kei bands.. I haven't tried to translate the lyrics yet and I can't judge them, but Riku is credited as composer for this release and... It seems like the first time he's composing - the new Chariots? I haven't heard he composed music for anything earlier... So, it's even more great! And the listener can sense Riku's enthusiasm too, I think) He seem to be highly energetic and positive about the band:)
  • S4pB_Forever commented. May 3, 20162016年5月3日
    Thank You a million!!! Woohooo!!! It's sooo cool to be able to hear the new Chariots!!! <3
  • S4pB_Forever commented. April 5, 20162016年4月5日
    These are fantastic news and preview sounds very intriguing!
  • S4pB_Forever commented. April 2, 20162016年4月2日
    They have created together a truly magical piece of music!
  • S4pB_Forever rated HYSTERIC DANCEHYSTERIC DANCE. November 15, 20152015年11月15日
  • S4pB_Forever commented. September 16, 20152015年9月16日
    Amazing DVD!!! So many thanks for sharing! (≡^∇^≡)
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 19, 20152015年8月19日
    Thank You so much for sharing!
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 18, 20152015年8月18日
    Thank You!
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 18, 20152015年8月18日
    Many many thanks!!! 💕
  • S4pB_Forever commented. August 17, 20152015年8月17日
    Thank You a million!

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