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Matina Fair Vol.4 Special Message Disc Classic Art~Kubigari Tenrankaie no Shoutaijou~
Barrier Crash (※cancelled)
Barrier Crash (※cancelled)
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CD 1
1. La'miss†fairy unspecified song
2. Deadly Sanctuary unspecified song
3. Earl Grey unspecified song
4. Kar'MariA unspecified song
5. Kilah unspecified song
6. the GazettE unspecified song
7. GALACE unspecified song
CD 2
1. Garnet unspecified song
2. the GazettE unspecified song
3. GALACE unspecified song
4. Cuartet unspecified song
5. SugarTrip unspecified song
6. Grimm unspecified song
7. Milphinne unspecified song
8. Gill'e cadith unspecified song
9. THE ASK unspecified song
10. Free unspecified song
11. Forestier unspecified song
12. BLUE CHOCOLATE unspecified song


  • This 2-disc omnibus CD was intended to be released on 2002-11-30, concurrently with Eternal's live tour of the same name. Unfortunately, the release was postponed to December 5 and then cancelled, as Eternal dissolved several months later. Some of the bands who'd planned to participate in this omnibus, however, were featured in KALEIDOSCOPE instead.


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2019-08-09 16:36:00
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I have checked auctions for this V.A so many times... Maybe if I continue to check it will appears :3

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2019-02-20 23:32:19
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Every time I stumble upon this omnibus I get so angry because of how much wasted potential there was.

Maybe it got canceled because Yayoi was in 3 of the 19 bands listed and couldn't be bothered

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Matina Fair Vol.4 Special Message Disc Classic Art~Kubigari Tenrankaie no Shoutaijou~