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ARTISTIC in BLACK 12 (Cancelled) 「Chikasen Shingen Kichi」 Kounyuusha Tokuten KISAKI RARE CD
KISAKI - Chikasen Shingen Kichi EPISODE 1
Chikasen Shingen Kichi EPISODE 1
地下線神言基地 EPISODE 1
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Original PHOTO collection
Original PHOTO collection
BLOG collection
BLOG collection


  • This book was released in a collaboration between UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and BURNS (parent company of HOLIDAY, who hosted KISAKI's blog at the time). The book reprints all of KISAKI's personal blog entries from 2006-01-01 through 2007-08-31 (his supposed retirement date). At the time, KISAKI's blog was one of the more popular ones, boasting over 20,000 hits in one day (which somewhat explains the impetus for releasing such a strange book). Apparently, demand for a book of his blog posts wasn't quite as high as they'd imagined―despite it carrying the subtitle “EPISODE 1”, further episodes were never released.

  • The packaging is quite nice. As is customary with Japanese books, it includes a title strip and a removable outer jacket. The photograph section spans 14 pages and features high-quality (albeit repetitive), color photographs which were taken specifically for the book. The blog collection portion spans about 220 pages and faithfully reproduces KISAKI's blog entries on high quality, very slightly glossy paper. The entries' photographs are reproduced, but, unfortunately, in black and white, and are on the smallish side (although KISAKI's blog pictures are notoriously small to begin with).

  • Those who purchased the book could mail in the corner of the title strip to receive a signed KISAKI item as a privilege. What the item is isn't specified―probably a signed photograph or something similar.


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ARTISTIC in BLACK 12 (Cancelled) 「Chikasen Shingen Kichi」 Kounyuusha Tokuten KISAKI RARE CD