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Mugen Loop BAND GIRL Saishu Heiki Type B
DEVIL KITTY - Zettai Reido
Zettai Reido
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1. Chlammy
2. I am bitch
3. Anata-ni no Otoko
4. Ruthless Lover
5. Inochi no Haha
6. Izanami-no-mikoto
7. Mugen LOOP
8. Bouri MusaboRU Chimimouryou
9. i'm knot bitch
10. Kaiten Zushi
11. 2nd Virgin
12. Tenchuu


  • Received with the purchase of a premium ticket to their one-man show on the same date. Note: songs that are added here are sourced from their official Twitter setlists (they're kind enough to note where songs come from!). Until a legitimate tracklisting is found, songs added here are in the order they are discovered, not in the order they appear on the album. The album has been added to Puresound, so the official tracklisting has been updated.


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2017-03-02 22:18:29
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so this is basically a best of album for their rockstar records period?

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