Release history

2018-10-03 defspiral TO THE GALAXY -RECONNECT- SSCPC-0022
2018-10-03 defspiral TO THE GALAXY -RECONNECT- Limited Edition SSCPC-0021
2017-11-29 defspiral TO THE GALAXY SSCPC-0020
2017-08-19 defspiral 7th Anniversary Live -Dear Freaks- SSCPD-0004
2017-06-07 defspiral PHANTOM Type B SSCPC-0019
2017-06-07 defspiral PHANTOM Type A SSCPC-0018
2017-02-22 defspiral AFTERGLOW Type B SSCPC-0017
2017-02-22 defspiral AFTERGLOW Type A SSCPC-0016
2015-10-21 defspiral BRILLIANT WORLD SSCPC-0014
2015-10-14 defspiral 5th Anniversary Live -Dear Freaks- SSCPD-0003
2015-02-11 defspiral Dream of You Type B SSCPC-0013
2015-02-11 defspiral Dream of You Type A SSCPC-0012
2014-06-25 defspiral brilliant SSCPC-0011
2014-03-14 defspiral CENTER OF THE SPIRAL 2013 at SHINJUKU BLAZE 2013.12.20 SSCPC-0010
2014-03-14 defspiral CARNAVAL SSCPC-0009
2013-12-11 defspiral Serenade / Thanatos SSCPC-0008
2013-07-31 defspiral 3rd Anniversary Live -Dear Freaks- SSCPD-0002
2013-05-22 defspiral Voyage SSCPC-0007
2013-04-10 defspiral Masquerade SSCPC-0006
2013-03-06 defspiral GLARE SSCPC-0005
2012-11-14 defspiral 2nd Anniversary LIVE "DFS" SSCPD-0001
2012-07-25 defspiral LOTUS SSCPC-0004
2012-03-14 defspiral Break the Silence SSCPC-0003
2011-08-07 defspiral MELODY / STORY SSCPC-0002
2010-10-31 defspiral Twilight Limited Edition SSCPC-0001