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Release history

1996-11-08 ROUAGE ROUAGE 3rd Press RLCD-002-3
1996-08-26 ROUAGE insomnia PHDL-1066
1996-07-10 Lakshana babel DYM-010
1996-07-10 JULæY Hana DYM-009
1996-06-08 CROW-SIS IDIOT
1996-06-00 FANATIC◇CRISIS Rain / Tsuki no Hana SAMPLE
1996-05-00 CROW-SIS Close 2nd PRESS NLCD-006
1996-04-20 CROW-SIS CLOSE TO....M
1996-04-03 CROW-SIS Taking Off
1996-04-00 Romance for~ Garden 2nd Press NLCD-005-R2
1996-03-20 CROW-SIS Close NLCD-006
1996-03-14 Romance for~ Garden 1st Press NLCD-005
1996-03-02 WITH SEXY Vanish of Truth Shiro
1996-03-02 WITH SEXY Vanish of Truth Kuro
1996-03-01 CROW-SIS SABATT
1996-02-15 Shizuku... Lost Age NSCD-002
1996-01-07 FANATIC◇CRISIS MASK 1st Press NLCD-004
1996-00-00 WITH SEXY SEPIA DYM-008
1995-11-25 FANATIC◇CRISIS Memories in White Tsuujouban NSCD-001-f2
1995-11-25 FANATIC◇CRISIS Memories in White Gentei seisan NSCD-001
1995-09-00 FANATIC◇CRISIS "Making of Truth" Tour Final NKV-001
1995-08-21 FANATIC◇CRISIS Truth NSV-001
1995-06-00 CROW-SIS Ushinawareta Watashi
1995-04-28 FANATIC◇CRISIS Taiyou no Toriko 2nd press NLCD-002-N1
1995-03-20 ROUAGE LEAVE RLV-002
1995-01-09 FANATIC◇CRISIS Disappear n' Kuro
1995-01-09 FANATIC◇CRISIS Disappear n' Shiro
1995-01-00 CROW-SIS Majiwari to Iu Na no Yuugi
1995-00-00 ROUAGE Risoukyou 2nd Press RSCD-002A
1995-00-00 ROUAGE ROUAGE 2nd Press RLCD-002-2
1994-12-00 FANATIC◇CRISIS Taiyou no Toriko 1st Press NLCD-002
1994-11-14 Shizuku... Succubus
1994-07-24 Shizuku... (sample tape)
1994-07-20 ROUAGE ROUAGE 1st Press RLCD-002
1994-07-03 ROUAGE Shi・Ku・Ma・Re・Ta・To・Ki -IMAGE- RLV-003
1994-01-00 frame work boutique frame work boutique
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