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THE RHEDORIC major debut and album 2nd press

RHEDORIC (formerly known as THE RHEDORIC) will make their major debut through UNIVERSAL MUSIC, and release a second press of their full album, Jiggy.

The second press will contain all tracks from the first press, plus a track from their first single, and an unreleased demo song.

RHEDORIC's major debut comes courtesy of UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN sublabel UNIVERSAL D. The same sublabel is also releasing the upcoming Ains omnibus, so it seems that someone over at UNIVERSAL is on a small visual kei kick.

This is just my personal feeling, but... when you hear about a random tiny band “going major,” take it with a grain of salt. They may have some releases distributed by a major label, but I honestly wouldn't expect them to start selling out oneman lives and being popular. The term “major” can be quite inconsequential at times ^^; But anyway, congrats.


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