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LAY ABOUT WORLD new full album: “クロン -c×lone-” New band: BAN×GUMI

the Reveude has released "Evolution Calling" digitally

Good news for overseas fans of the Reveude (the Reveude -リヴード-) -- you can now get their latest single digitally!

This sing was originally released back in September; it was supposed to come out at the start of the month, but ended up getting pushed closer to October due to production issues.

As of Jaunary 1st, the band has put the single on streaming and digital purchase platforms, including 3 extra instrumental versions of each song.

the Reveudethe Reveude -リヴード-Evolution CallingEvolution Calling Digital Ver.Digital Ver.
  1. Evolution Calling
  2. FAUST
  3. Aku no Hana (惡の華)
  4. Evolution Calling (Instrumental)
  5. FAUST (Instrumental)
  6. Aku no Hana (Instrumental) (惡の華 (Instrumental))

Stay tuned for more details regarding their next single this coming may!


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2021-01-06 22:35:45
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adds to spotify Always happy to added a new band to my list.

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2021-01-07 17:18:01
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Their first single actually got added pretty early on, which I was surprised to see!

It looks like some bands are taking the route of "release physically, then digitally x months or weeks later", which should help them get the sales numbers they're after while also preventing international fans from feeling like they were left high-and-dry if they can't afford to import.

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LAY ABOUT WORLD new full album: “クロン -c×lone-” New band: BAN×GUMI
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