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Vivarush new maxi-single “VIVAROCK” 🚨 VK bandman turned fruit-loving millionaire arrested 🚨

Scarlet Valse new full album “Metamorphosis”

Scarlet Valse will put out a new full album.

Metamorphosis will be released on April 11th. It will also be presold at their live a month prior to the official release.


  1. Swallowtail ButterflySwallowtail Butterfly
  2. MetamorphosisMetamorphosis
  3. Tears of VenusTears of Venus
  4. World EndWorld End
  5. Fushichou不死蝶
  6. Shadow's GameShadow's Game
  7. Eternal WhiteEternal White
  8. Silhouette-シルエット-Silhouette-シルエット-
  9. PromisePromise
  10. Shining...Shining...


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