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Lineup change for Veinrot LIBRAVEL new maxi-single: “Hoshi ni NEgai wo。”

Ricky's “musical compass” 「O.1.O~Only One Ocean~」 [PR]

Solo artist Ricky has released his new single.

O.1.O~Only One Ocean~ cover
O.1.O~Only One Ocean~
  1. O.1.O~Only One Ocean~
  2. YOUKOSO SAYOUNARA (ヨウコソサヨウナラ)
  3. My name is・・・
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The title track of O.1.O~Only One Ocean~, which was released August 28th, features the lyrics “cut the rudder that aims toward the expected; steer toward the furious waves.” His words implore the listener to embark on rough seas.

It has been 19 years since Ricky's debut with DASEIN, and 10 years since his solo debut. In that time, many have said “the music market is declining” and “the future of the visual scene is shrinking.” Although sales are decreasing, Ricky's attitude is that this means there is fertile soil, ready for planting a new path.

O.1.O~Only One Ocean~ aims to inspire listeners to run toward a new path with wild abandon. The goal shouldn't be to turn the sea red, fighting others for popularity in the same ocean; but rather to aim for undeveloped land and flood it with blue waters: “make a new sea in the desert.”

These thoughts are reflected in the lyrics for the song, which you can already read in the lyric video.

With Ricky's 10th anniversary, he's looking back at the path that he took, which was full of mystery and confusion; but at the end of it, that path belongs to him, and no one else. Using music as his compass, Ricky continues to steer his ship.

The coupling track, My name is..., features lyrics such as “I'm an individual no matter what. My home.” This “home” is Ricky's fanbase; that kind of meaning is packed densely into the song.

The song was written two years ago, in 2017, after having surgery to removal vocal polyps and being unable to work for 4 months. Unable to sing the way he wanted to, My name is... poured from Ricky's heart. Even after returning to the stage, he refrained from playing the song because it didn't fit with his style; so its release has been long-awaited.

O.1.O flyer
O.1.O flyer

From September, Ricky's 10th-anniversary since his solo debut will be celebrated with the tour, 「THE☆10-PARI☆CKY」~Tenjoutenge Yuigadokusou~ (「THE☆10-PARI☆CKY」~天上天下 唯我独走~). The final will be held at AKABANE ReNy alpha on October 20th (Ricky's birthday).

  • 09.14 Shibuya REX
  • 09.16 Yokohama BAYSIS
  • 09.21 Saitama LIVE HOUSE HEARTS
  • 09.28 Nagoya HeartLand
  • 09.29 Osaka RUIDO
  • 10.20 Tokyo ReNY alpha

During his upcoming lives, Ricky will be showing the history of his 10 years of solo activity, while also debuting new songs which will appear on his planned January 2020 album. If you're interested in his words, please check out his new single and lives, and let his music be “a compass for your singing heart.”



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Lineup change for Veinrot LIBRAVEL new maxi-single: “Hoshi ni NEgai wo。”