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Lineup changes for Minus Jin-Say Orchestra

Lineup changes for Minus Jin-Say Orchestra

On March 4, bassist Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎) will re-join Minus Jin-Say Orchestra.

Ogawa had been part of the band's original lineup as OGAWA -ROBOCOP・Shotarou- (オガワ -ロボコップ・小太郎-), but “temporarily” seceded in 2010. (Who doesn't need an eight year break every now and then?)

Current bassist Yazawa “ORGANIC” Motohal (矢沢“オーガニック”もとはる) will also “re-join” as (switch position to) guitarist at that date.

Furthermore, the current four members will slightly change the notations of their names:

  • V. Kuriyama “H∧L” YES (栗山“H∧L”ヰヱス) ← Kuriyama “HaL” YES (栗山“HaL”ヰヱス)
  • G. Kuroya Yukke (緇屋ゆっけ) ← Kuroya “Yukke” NORA (緇屋“ゆっけ”ノラ)
  • G. Yazawa Motohal (矢沢もとはる) ← B. Yazawa “ORGANIC” Motohal (矢沢“オーガニック”もとはる)
  • B. Ogawa Manjirou (小川万次郎)
  • D. Nanamushi (生虫) ← Yokota “Nanamushi” HIKARUSON (横田“生虫”ヒカルソン)

The band's latest full album, Sono Kokoro ha。 (その心は。), will be released on 2018-03-07.


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