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LIBRAVEL join Bloom and release a new single

LIBRAVEL join Bloom and release a new single

LIBRAVEL have joined a record label and put out a new single.

The band officially joined the Tokyo-based indies label Bloom on August 31st, along side RAN and JIGSAW (ジグソウ). Their first single dropped the following day -- a new version of the song "Hitori Bocchi." While this song was previously released on their Tsuioku mini-album, the original version was a live-distributed song that received two pressings due to the immense demand from fans on Twitter.

To further solidify this move as the next step in their history, the band also changed the notation of their name to LIBRAVEL in roman lettering, rather than katakana.

You can check out their single on their newly created Spotify page below.

LIBRAVELリブラヴェルHitori Bocchiひとりぼっち
  1. Hitori Bocchi (ひとりぼっち)


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