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Full details of KISAKI and Sui in Taipei


As I revealed in October, KISAKI will be returning to Taipai with special guest Sui (ex-Megaromania) next year! Complete details (mostly) of the event have been released:

KISAKI will return to Taipei on 2014-01-11 for a special additional performance of his 20th anniversary celebration event series. C'est la vie ~REMAIN OF THE 20TH YEARS HISTORY~ Taiwanhen (台湾編) will be held at PIPE Live Music, and will feature KISAKI in a special band with ex-Megaromania vocalist Sui. (The full lineup of the special band is TBA, but my guess is that it's similar to SchwarzVrain!)

Several Taiwanese visual bands will appear at the event, as will ex-VAGERKE leader's new band GLARD. A special tour package for Japanese fans, which includes exclusive events and an exclusive novelty present, has been prepared. Furthermore, special presents will be distributed to attendees on the day of the event.

KISAKI Returns to Taipei Zenyasai Yamucha PARTY (前夜祭飲茶パーティー)

  • 2014-01-10 at undisclosed location (details TBA via email)
  • KISAKI / Sui

※ signing, handshake, and tea/snack party

  • ※ admission limited to participants of tour package

-- C'est la vie ~REMAIN OF THE 20TH YEARS HISTORY~ Taiwanhen (台湾編)

  • 2014-01-11 at Taipei (台北) PIPE Live Music
  • KISAKI SPECIAL BAND 【V. Sui (ex-Megaromania) / B. KISAKI / (others TBA)】
  • GLARD (opening act) / Ultra-Violet (紫外線樂團) / Lycoris (蕊) / Spade 14

※ first 30 ticket purchasers will freely receive the 2nd press Phantasmagoria [pamphlet][3] and Phantasmagoria × SHOXX two-piece backstage photoset (originally the privilege for the 1st press of the pamphlet)

  • ※ all ticket purchasers will further freely receive an additional photograph (quantities limited)

-- AFTERPARTY (アフターパーティー)

  • 2014-01-11 (participants and details TBA)

※ admission limited to participants of tour package

tour package information※ tour package for Japanese fans handled by TABX

  • ※ cost is 68,000 yen for 3 days & 2 nights round trip
  • ※ trip is entirely led by guides (ex. on sightseeing, to and from live house, etc.)
  • ※ an unspecified novelty present will be distributed to participants

  • 【2014-01-10】 meeting ~ departure from Osaka or Narita ~ arrival ~ free time (Narita package only) ~ Eve party

  • 【2014-01-11】 hotel meeting ~ guided sightseeing ~ live ~ afterparty

  • 【2014-01-12】 departure ~ arrival in Japan ~ dispersal

Official event website



  1. “A to Z” 26 QUESTIONS
  2. 2007.8.31 Kokusaikouryuu CENTER
  3. Phantasmagoria Photo Collection
  4. 2007.8.31 Kokusaikouryuu CENTER OFFSHOT
  5. Unknow zero distance (LIVE VERSION)
  6. Actuate Eden (LIVE VERSION)
  7. Hikari ni Furu Ame (LIVE VERSION)


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