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Cure magazine relaunches

Pentagon's Big Announcement

Long-running visual kei magazine Cure will re-launch from their June issue (April 21 release).

Vol. 177 of the magazine debuts a new logo--now written in katakana as キュア--and is the first to feature all pages in full color. The magazine will feature more photos as a result, and the interviews are also said to be easier to read.

The cover artists for the issue are BugLug and ZONBI (ぞんび).

Cure launched in 2003 and has tended to focus on smaller bands than those featured in the likes of SHOXX, FOOL'S MATE, etc.

The magazine changed to a slightly smaller format some years ago, and has attempted various offshoots such as an English version, and idol magazines Curedoll and Cure Mani, all of which ended after one issue. A free magazine focused on much smaller bands, Cure V-Splash, has been more successful.


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2018-04-22 12:18:33
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I wonder how much it will be different...

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2018-04-19 10:06:23
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The cover looks like that of a Rock and Read magazine, but I love the new look nonetheless! Would love to get another Cure mag once they cover a band that I actually care about. ^^

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2018-04-19 09:16:32
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I think that’s great! I actually just found a bunch of old cure mags from college and miss hoping I’d run into a new issue when I’m at some sort of Japanese-interest store.

Idc about fugUgh but it’s nice to see ZONBI (ぞんび) on there. I’m surprised Kisaki didn’t buy a cover spot for Mirage

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