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R.I.P. のニュース

2022-03-06 15:29:00 deleted_user_400
Ruler new single: “LAST EMPEROR” + member details

Ruler will release their second single.

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2021-12-21 03:52:00 Seraphim
New Releases Playlist - December 2021

This month's featured artist is: THE MADNA !

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2021-11-30 06:15:00 Seraphim
R.I.P. new single: “ELIZA” + Discography Made Available for Streaming

R.I.P. has released a new single.

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2021-10-16 20:58:00 cherrylng
Bassist Rubito to graduate from R.I.P.

R.I.P.'s lineup will change:

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2021-10-10 10:18:00 haru
TEXAS HOME RUN will secede from R.I.P.

R.I.P.'s lineup has changed:

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2021-06-25 00:22:00 haru
New single "-SEVEN-" + new members join R.I.P. to become a 7-member band!

R.I.P.'s lineup has changed in a spectacular way.

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2021-05-10 02:36:00 haru
Bassist SID will leave R.I.P.

R.I.P.'s bassist SID (シド) will secede on their ONEMAN on May 21st.

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2020-12-07 08:18:00 deleted_user_400
New band Project band R.I.P. formed and 1st release “失楽園-Scattering greed”

On October 23rd a mysterious band R.I.P. announced themselves on twitter. The band announced all the members but not yet who the vocalist would be and they didn't show their faces yet.

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2020-06-10 17:21:00 Seraphim
All visual kei bands on Spotify in 2022

Every day, there are more and more visual kei bands on Spotify. Although it's great to have access to vkei on streaming services, it's increasingly difficult to keep track of what is available where. We hope that this page can help you find vkei music more easily.

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