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2020-07-25 08:45:54 crucifiction
NOi'X and Aliene Ma'riage 2MAN announced

It has just been announced that NOi'X and Aliene Ma'riage will perform on Friday, November the 13th during an event called "『SYNAPSE no Housoku』 ~Kajitsu to Kyoujin naru Juujika~ -Shiina & MAST Seitansai- (『シナプスの法則』 ~果実と狂人なる十字架~ -詩那&MAST聖誕祭-)". A privilege will be given to attendees.

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2019-11-01 02:19:01 manicure
Lineup change for NOi'X

NOi'X's lineup has changed:

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2018-10-30 01:11:58 suji
NOi'X new single “†Dearies”

NOi'X will put out a new single, their first release since disbanding 18 years ago.

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