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2019-10-08 01:08:48 suji
THE GENIUS ORCHESTRATION new mini-album, “Spread Your Wings”, produced by HIZAKI

THE GENIUS ORCHESTRATION will release a new mini-album.

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2019-06-20 06:35:44 Leo
Jupiter new live DVD: “Zeus Tour”

Jupiter will release a new live DVD.

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2018-11-22 10:08:36 suji
Jupiter new full album “Zeus ~Legends Never Die~” + European tour

Jupiter will put out a new full album.

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2018-07-02 10:29:27 Seraphim
Jupiter Announces New Single "Theory of Evolution" and New Vocalist Kuze has Joined

Earlier this year, Jupiter lost their vocalist after half of their core ex-Versailles members already seceded. Today, the band officially announced the details of their upcoming single, Theory of Evolution, as well as their new vocalist: Kuze.

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