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ARTiCLEAR new best-of album + 4th anniversary live

ARTiCLEAR new best-of album + 4th anniversary live

ARTiCLEAR will release a new CD at their 4th anniversary live.

MEMBER SELECT BEST ALBUM + 1 will be released on March 5th. The CD will come in 5 types -- one for each member -- but all types contain the same track list. The best-of album will contain 10 songs plus an SE track that's been used in live performances, but hasn't been included in any releases just yet.

The album will be distributed for free at the band's 4th anniversary oneman held on March 5th. The event, Dear All “You”, is a "2stage" live performance, meaning that two performances will occur on the same day. The "first stage" will be an acoustic performance, and the "second stage" will be a oneman show.

The performance will be held at Shibuya (渋谷) DESEO.

Lastly, the band has released a lyric video for their 9-minute epic "Dear All Grey". You can check it out below:




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