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[Archived] Interview with Phantasmagoria on Tainted Reality tonight. [Archived] Phantasmagoria Costume Sale

[Archived] Tainted Reality Interview

For everyone that missed it I tried to type it up as the interview went. However this is not exact, or word for word. So I apologize for any mix ups.

And at times because I was typing, I missed who was speaking...But this is at least something until someone (hopefully) uploads the interview =3

It's really cute, I enjoyed it.

Again sorry for mistakes, but I just wanted to at least type something up for everyone. Enjoy~!

Exclusive Tainted Reality Interview Exclusive Interview with Phantasmagoria on Tainted Reality on June 24, 2010. Broken into two parts during the radio cast thing.

Interview done, while tainted reality was on Hiatus. It was prerecorded so there is a lot of past information in here.

Phantasmagoria Interview, originally only supposed to be conducted with KISAKI...then Riku walked in...The the rest of the band. What a nice surprise, huh?

Thanks to matt and kendra (Matt asked the questions in English, Kendra translated).

Part 1...

--Introuce yourselves- Bass- KISAKI

--How was the Live tonight?- KISAKI: very good, the audience was very warm to us, so it was very good

  • It was really on fire, now I'm tired out

--- (couldn't hear)

in 2010, we restarted Phantasmagoria. On march 10 a new single called diamond dust and then more lives.

--Did you have any new years resolutions?- Riku: Because I am a vocalist it is to make my vocal range better. So I'm practicing a lot

jun: I wants to become better and more talented

IoRi: a resolution? I just want to do my best

Matoi (纏): I want to do something different rather than just a musician

KISAKI: I want to travel around the world, musically I am thinking about making a new band. Also I want everyone from over seas to call for me

--You mentioned about having a new band, can you give us an details?- KISAKI: as for the new band, nothing is decided. It will be similar to Phantasmagoria, Phantasmagoria has so far been my favorite music style ...but I want to expand my musical direction

--Will the band be self produced KISAKI: everything will be done by myself

--Recently there was the new years live with undercode bands as well as others, can you tell us what went down- jun: it had been a while since I had preformed with Phantasmagoria, it was very fun

jun: I am doing a band with IoRi, spiv states

  • IoRi: eh? -- riku: at the end of February, chariots will be ending, but after chariots I will move onto something else. until then I will practice my vocal range

Matoi (纏): On April first, Phantasmagoria will have a one man so I am practicing for that

ki: for Phantasmagoria limited renewal, I am busy with that and this summer I am busy with the new band and busy with other undercode activities

--Just what are all your duties with undercode- ki: as producer I work with bands when they record, costume designs, schedules. they are all like a family so I help do everything

--KISAKI you helped bands em grief and Megaromania, can you tell us what all you did?- ki: I did give advice musically, but I also helped with arrangements, and bass parts

--Can you tell us what the deal with KISAKI SLAVES- ki: it's just a joke, it's us playing around, and I got people from a lot of places to do it. it's just playing around, riku is in it too. But it's just a joke

--kamijo- KISAKI: yes I'd like to do something with Versailles again, I am very good friends with Kamijo, so I'd really like to

--What bands aside from Undercode should we look out for Ki: spiv...spiv.... I recommend d'espairsray, VIDOLL, 12012 . And a band called Satan

--They actually preformed tonight, did you seem their performance- ki: I didn't see it

--You've gotten the nick name god, how do you feel about it- ki: at first I was embarrassed, then I felt like it was fitting,-- Tonight Satan played then Phantasmagoria played so it was very fitting. going from devil to god, I think

Part two-- (they were laughing a lot here. It was hard to keep up and separate their voices at times)

--what does it take to be a god- Ki: it happens naturally, even if you want to become has to be natural. I want to become American god then world god. And only I can become god

--(What do you do in a daily life?)- Ki: I go to work then sleep

ri: I listen to a lot music in order to get better

IoRi: I plays guitar and clean my room then gets very sad (they all explode and they re translate)...I am a musician and everyday I want to do something to improve, and I don't get sad . everyday I aim to get better

ki: everyday I am focused on undercode and music activity's. everything is tied to these activities, hanging out etc

--who is an inspiration-- ( i hope I got these correct)

Matoi (纏)- malice mizer

riku- kiyoharu

IoRi- miyavi

jun- x

ki- d'erlanger

--Bad points- ki: rape..(they talked for a while then he added to that)....I have a problem with alcohol and playing with women

Matoi (纏) (maybe): I have a bad attitude, and quick to get angry. I just...have an angry demeanor

(this part was also confusing XD) jun: Translator: his nose is growing? he doesn't have any nose hair?

jun: even if I shaves it just comes back

--Phantasmagoria breaking the seal was a big surprise, any other surprises we should look forward to- ki: there should be a more surprises, like the new band announcement, but it will be secret until then

--how were you contacted for fools mate and a venue (meguro?)30th anniversary- ki: as a band label I've been really close with the magazine foolsmate and (meguro?) as a live house. We were also invited

--because of this do you want to bring the band back together or continue on your own?- ki: no..but...I can't say we won't absolutely bring them back. But I really want to do a Phantasmagoria live over seas

--where at this time?...Anime convention again- ki: Switzerland?

Translator: not Europe but in America

jun: new york

Ri: Texas

Matoi (纏): Massachusetts

IoRi: -- --why Massachusetts- Matoi (纏): there is an art college, it's name is...

Translator: he only knows it's name in Japanese

--any American bands you want to open for you- Matoi (纏) (I think): limp bizkit

jun: my chemical romance

io: aerosmith

ri: chariots

ki: not really anyone...anybody would be fine

--you haven't been to America since 2005 anything you miss?- ki: not anything really...The live was fun everyone was so excited it was great. We went to Houston and I want to see more. We also experienced the American rock spirit, we would like that again

--how do you all feel about the Phantasmagoria revival- jun: It's fun, nothing has changed, but it feels good. I like fun lives and being embraced by fans

ri: before I had been doing a different band. But my body remembers songs with Phantasmagoria. My body is drawn to it and naturally remembers

Matoi (纏): Phantasmagoria is a kind of band where ever you go, they are still the same its mysterious and interesting

io: I am happy fans were able to come and see it. It was really warm and So i am happy

ki: Phantasmagoria up until now is my favorite band I've put together and that I am a member of. I'm glad members can come together, it's pure happiness

--Is that the reason why you came out of retirement - ki: as for coming not only myself but many people...many invited him, that fan's mail and the will to do more music. because of that I came back. also because I love Phantasmagoria

We're out of time, thank you very much.


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2010-06-25 22:03:08
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Thanks so much :) just what you typed was very entertaining, the rest must be awesome x) thanks <33

By bunnyshoxx

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2010-06-25 18:37:42
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Wait ...What? wasn't even aware of this event at all Thanks a lot tho!

I'm also glad to hear we'll be able to download it. I hope I'll remember to do so XD

By ivory_and_irony

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2010-06-25 14:07:54
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I'm really glad it will be available for download, the interview was very cute. A lot of laughing going on it seems like it was a lot of fun for everyone.

=3 And you're welcome all, I figured some people may have missed, forgot, or not known about it so it was the least I could do. <3

By diedies_kamiuta

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2010-06-25 09:03:34
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Thanks a lot for this! Also, after the new site is up the interview will be available for download.

By kyos_klit

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2010-06-25 08:12:31
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Thank you for typing this up ^_^

By pyrate_tiniwiel

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2010-06-25 07:17:56
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Thank you very much!

I woke up in the morning and this post was already here, so I had absolutely no idea there would be an interview

By hush_narumi

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2010-06-25 02:43:32
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Thanks a lot for typing this up and posting it!

I completely forgot about it, even though I saw that post just an hour before!

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[Archived] Interview with Phantasmagoria on Tainted Reality tonight. [Archived] Phantasmagoria Costume Sale