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BIS (ビス) is a young and charismatic band, having formed at the turn of the year after several months of activity as a session. The band released one digital single, MAGICAL SUICIDE STARDUST LAND, and have just released their first official single, 12012.

Read on to learn more about BIS (ビス) and their new single.

  • BIS (ビス), thank you very much for the opportunity for this interview!

  • Please introduce yourselves.

    [V. Love (らゔ)] Rairaio! It's Love-chan!!

    [G. Pi] Hello. Nice to meet you. I'm Pi.

    [B. Aoi (蒼依)] I'm Aoi. Pleased to meet you.

    [G. Yami (病魅)] Nice to meet you, I'm Yami.

  • Please tell us about how BIS formed.

    [Love] It was definitely just destiny!

    [Pi] There was a certain kind of feeling (laughs). This just seemed like a fun group of guys.

    [Aoi] I wanted to work with this vocalist, so I joined myself.

    [Yami] I joined because I thought the vocalist was interesting.

  • What was the origin of the name BIS? Does it have any meaning? Does it have any relation to your previous name?

    [Pi] There is a connection, but I can't say it right now.

    [Aoi] Well I think it's an appropriate band name because all of us members have a few screws loose.

    [Yami] It's because our heads are screwed out.

    [Love] The literal translation of BIS is screw! Anyway, it's related to our concept so I'll talk about it then!!

V. Love (​らゔ)

V. Love (​らゔ)

  • What is the band’s concept? What is the meaning of this concept?

    [Pi] In a word, “crazy.”

    [Aoi] In a word, “unpredictable.”

    [Yami] In a word, “catastrophic.”

    [Love] Our concept is “let's remove the screws from our heads!” Well, it has a Limiter Removal kind of nuance! Isn't the world wound up a bit tight these days?

    I fit in with my surroundings, hold in what I want to say, and get through the moment with a fake laugh...

    I think the place where one can release the frustration that's build up from daily life is at a live!

    So let's remove the screws from our heads and be stupid together!! And so on and so forth!

  • On April 13th, you’ll release your first single, “12012.” First of all, what is the meaning of the title, “12012”?

    [Love] “12012” is the Los Angeles Police Department's code for "possession of a murder weapon!"

    The meaning of this title, simply put, is that everyone carries a weapon which is called "words."

    I'll be back later to tell you the story of the lyrics, so more on that then!

  • On your band images, “John Doe” and “Jane Doe” are mentioned. Who are these characters? Do they relate to the title 12012 in some way?

    [Pi] An unnamed person. He seems to like POKEMON.

    [Aoi] Everyone is nameless, anonymous.

    [Love] John Doe and Jane Doe are unnamed people!

    They are the characters of this “12012” story, and also the many irresponsible, anonymous people in the world of SNS and the internet!

G. Pi

G. Pi

  • Your images also display phrases such as “Catcher in the Lie” and “STAND ALONE COMPLEX.” Do these have any particular meaning?

    [Love] One of the novels that influenced me was “Rai-mugibatake de Tsukamaete.”

    The English title is “The Catcher in the Rye.” So here it's like that, but I changed the last word to Lie!

    And “STAND ALONE COMPLEX” is one of the phrases that changed my outlook on life!

    “Loneliness depression:” I'll leave that interpretation to you guys.

    [Aoi] Catching a lie is a difficult thing to do.

  • How did you relate your costumes, photography, and cover art to the concept of the single?

    [Aoi] Anything is okay as long as the photo conveys my charm.

    [Yami] It's stylish.

    [Pi] We pursued a simple, cool look. Unlike last time's photos, we were aiming for a simple atmosphere.

    [Love] Overall we went for a simple and almost cold image, but for each person we tried to put one point with a little bit of poison.

  • With this being your first single, did you take any special considerations in how it would represent the band?

    [Love] Just because it's our first single, I'm not trying to be special any more than usual!! Well, I always give it my all (laughs)

    [Pi] Aggressively. We took into consideration how it would play at lives.

    [Aoi] I was the one who composed the song, but I tried to make a song where each member has a prominent place.

B. Aoi (蒼依)

B. Aoi (蒼依)

  • The title track, “12012,” is catchy and has a heavy groove that one can easily imagine the audience dancing along to. How did you compose this song?

    [Love] The first time I heard the demo I was a bit intimidated, so I just sang it straight at the beginning--but it was too straight, so I put a little poison into the verse and at the end of the chorus!! Yeah!!

    [Pi] When I heard the demo of this song I knew it was going to be pretty cool... We knew it would be really intense, so we added and removed a lot of elements.

    By the way, there was a guitar solo, but we cut it in consideration with the rest of the song.

    [Aoi] I don't worry about making "good songs" when I make demos, so it took me only 3 or 4 hours to make.

    I wrote this song to have a different color than Magical Suicide Stardust (our previous song which is up on YouTube).

    Well, we've come up with a song where all the members stand out, but I'm glad that it's a song which still makes sense to me as the main composer.

  • What is the story of the lyrics of the song “12012”?

    [Aoi] Let's have the vocalist explain that.

    [Love] Recently, there are a lot of things I wonder about when using SNS.

    You know, everyone's being seduced by untrustworthy information which is being passed around, and adjusting their opinions based on it.

    People find others' misfortunes and slander them for it, even though they don't know anything about them.

    Sometimes I enjoy it as pure entertainment; heartless words just flying around.

    But words casually mumbled around can actually hurt the other person deeply.

    Self-serving, biased, "righteous" people attacking in unison can easily kill the hearts and minds of their oponents.

    Sometimes words can be a deadly weapon.

    Words so sharply, so deeply, so heavily gouge out a heart that no knife can compare.

    Everyone has such a "weapon," so to speak.

    And then 1 person becomes 10 becomes 100, and bigger and bigger and bigger.

    If someone is trying to hurt you in that way, I hope you remember these words and stand up to them.

    I hope the word is kind to you.

    Such are the lyrics!

G. Yami (病魅)

G. Yami (病魅)

  • The coupling song, “Noutarin” has an energetic feeling that seems fun to sing along to. How was this song composed?

    [Love] Pi-san brought the demo and I sang it with cooing and humming!

    [Pi] It was completely written for lives. It was made to take advantage of Love-chan's abilities.

    [Aoi] This song was composed by Pi, and it's the kind of simple song that I couldn't make.

  • What is the meaning of the title “Noutarin,” and what is the story of its lyrics?

    [Love] Noutarin means moron!!

    The lyrics are obvious to anyone who knows bangya, so from me it's no comment!!

  • Do “12012” and “Noutarin” relate to each other in some way? Why did you choose to put these two songs together for this single?

    [Love] If there's a connection, it's that both of them spotlight anonymous people on SNS!

    But the difference is in content; one's an upper and one's a downer...

    We went with these two songs because of our gut!! And when I heard the finished product, I knew our feelings had not been wrong (laughs)

    [Pi] The relevance is... two contrasting people. Something like that.

    [Aoi] I simply focused on the aspect of single and coupling.

    [Yami] It's like “offense and defense.”

    [Love] Eh? Yami-chan.... Aren't both “offense”?! (laughs)

  • Both “12012” and “Noutarin” sound like they would be fun to experience at a live. Was this consideration on your mind when making them?

    [Love] I don't like the word “performance”...

    It might seem like there was “pre-planned harmony” between then, but that's not the reality.

    That's my story at least. Of course there's a part of me imagining how they would be at lives!!

    [Pi] Both songs totally are. They're riotous songs which are made to be played at lives.

    [Aoi] It doesn't really matter to Aoi-san because his only focus is being cool.

  • Were there any parts of these songs which were difficult to write, or did they come naturally? Is there anything you’re especially proud of with these songs?

    [Love] We changed to a different recording environment this time, and it was a little difficult to get used to (laughs)

    Singing normally isn't fun, so in the parts without words I used my voice in fun ways, and I think I made something a little different!!

    I guess that's something I can be proud of!!

    [Aoi] As for the composition and recording, the song “12012” requires a high level of musicianship from the player. So we had a hard time keeping the members in tune with each other.

    If there's a point I'm proud of, it's the bass solo in the middle, so please listen to it.

  1. 12012
  2. Noutarin (のうたりん)
  • In the future, what are your goals and plans as a band?

    [Love] Because of corona, we're going to be working underground for the time being. It's frustrating, but if we stop here it's GAME OVER, so we'll fight against that

    [Pi] For the time being, it looks like I'll mainly just be composing new songs.

    Personally, I'd like to sponsor an event in Tokyo.

    [Aoi] I'd like to continue doing lives and making songs consistently.

    [Yami] I want to do a wider range of activities than now.

  • Please give a final message to your readers.

    [Pi] We're still a newbie band, but we're looking forward to working with you.

    [Aoi] If you're interested, please don't take your eyes off us!

    [Yami] We'll show you the most wonderful scenery.

    [Love] Rairaio! It's Love-chan!

    If you've read this far, you're at least interested in us, right? Right!!

    Your sensibility is right!!

    When this corona shit calms down, I'll see you at our live!! You won't regret it!!

BIS (ビス)

BIS (ビス)

BIS (ビス) first official single, 12012, was released at vkei shops on April 13th. Samples can be heard on their official website.

Their sponsored event, Dare mo Bokutachi wo Shiranai (誰も僕たちを知らない), will be held on July 8th at Bigtwin Diner SHOVEL. Please follow BIS' official Twitter for updates.

To BIS (ビス), thank you so much for allowing us to do this interview! We wish you luck.

Thanks to Ryu for coordination and vkeijonas for translation help.

If you liked this interview, please support us by liking, sharing, and commenting! You can also support us at Patreon. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us at!



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