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Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ)

Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ) solo Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ) solo , Shinoland PUNKしのランドPUNK (しのランドPUNK) Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ) solo ZuTTO ZuTTO , Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ) solo , PANIKARAQS Tomoe Shinohara篠原ともえ (篠原ともえ) solo


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  • 1993-00-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) first begins her musical career at 14 years old, when she started her first amateur band. She was the vocalist and guitarist.

  • 1993-07-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) auditions for Sony Records, and passes, and she then signs to Ki/oon Music, a sublabel of Sony. She begins taking vocal lessons, and readies for her debut.

  • 1994-00-00

    Upon being asked who her favorite band was, Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) responded with 電気グルーヴ, who begin working with her and making her sort of an apprentice to the group.

  • 1995-03-00

    石野卓球, the main brain behind 電気グルーヴ, works with Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) to produce her first single. It is then released that July as “チャイム”.

  • 1996-08-01

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) releases her third single “クルクルミラクル”, which becomes her first breakthrough single in terms of commercial success.

  • 1996-10-02

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) releases her first album, “スーパーモデル”, which is entirely produced by 電気グルーヴ and their close associates. It turns out to be a commercial success, and is praised for its surrealistic, cartoony and bizarre electronica-pop sound.

  • 1996-10-02

  • 1996-10-05

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) begins to host a segment on the TV show LOVE LOVE あいしてる, which featured the massively popular idol duo KinKi Kids. Called “プリプリプリティ”, it featured Tomoe interviewing numerous celebrities from around the globe, which would usually end up having some sort of humorous after effect due to Tomoe’s extremely bubbly nature and (at the time) poor English skills. It would go on to be one of the most memorable segments of the show. Some of the guests included Robin Williams, Tim Burton, TLC and Enrique Iglesias.

  • 1997-05-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) starts a band called Shinoland PUNK (しのランドPUNK) with members of the hard rock band NOISE FACTORY. They released just one single before disbanding after only a few months of activity, due to NOISE FACTORY’s sudden disbandment.

  • 1997-07-00

    By the summer of 1997, Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) is considered to be hugely influential and popular amongst Japanese youth not just for her sound, but also for her distinct colorful fashion, which is said to have single-handedly created the decora style, specifically popular among Harajuku.

  • 1998-11-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) leaves Ki/oon, and starts her own label, DREAM MACHINE.

  • 2000-05-24

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) releases her 11th single “an audio”, which shows a drastically more mature, grown-up style to match Tomoe’s gradually more mellow sound. The single failed to sell that well, however, and Tomoe released just two more singles before largely disappearing from the public eye.

  • 2003-11-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) makes her return to music when she forms the duo ZuTTO, with vocalist 松本英子. They release their first single, “明日に続く空”, in January of 2004.

  • 2005-02-00

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) signs to Pony Canyon, her first time (as a solo artist) on a major label in six years.

  • 2005-10-19

    Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) releases her 13th single “★遊FEVER★”, which features a return to her zany, experimental-electropop past, complete with her flamboyant colorful fashion. It is used as a closing theme for the hit anime Zatch Bell!, and becomes her most successful release in seven years.

  • 2011-03-29

    Following another hiatus from music due to focus more on her fashion design career, Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) independently releases her 12th single “桜の咲くまで” at a few comeback lives, before releasing her fourth and fifth albums “Better” and “Oh Yes Say Lala”, in July of 2012, her first original album releases since 1999. Musically, the albums feature the most unorthodox and avant-garde works Tomoe has ever done, further showing Tomoe Shinohara (篠原ともえ) breaking away from her childlike persona.

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