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LiLi LiLo

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LiLi LiLo
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Cantavanda - LiLi LiLo (Song for my old cat) (Official Music Video)
Hello! Here's a new, little music video for my Cantavanda solo project. It is a very simple and calm bossa nova song, "LiLi LiLo", dedicated to my cat, Lilo. More complicated, high-budget, and better songs with many more instruments, who are also closer to visual-kei will follow soon, but this one is just so close to my heart, that I had to make and post it.

It is dedicated to my old cat Lilo, who is now 17 years old. When I was 6, she came into my life, and since then, I loved and love her so much, and our bond only grows stronger with the years. She outlived her son Stitch, who was born when she was around 3 years old, and who was also our pet for his whole life.

Her health is sadly (but slowly luckily!) declining, which makes me feel sad. I hope she'll stay with us for much longer, because I know some cats can become 20 years old, and I really really hope she'll reach that age, so I can enjoy my company with her for just a little longer.

Why this video? Not to use her for attention or gain, or to be too pessimistic about her. But I think music is one of the most timeless and memorable things that exists, and I wanted to turn her, and my love for her into a song and video, for an impactful and lasting gesture of love. I had to make it. It's also a bit to cope with my worries about her.

I wrote the song in 2019, but only recorded it this year. It took a while to make the music video, since I didn't want to force her, so I waited for a while until she was comfortably on the sofa that you see in the video, she's rArely on it. After she was on there, I calmly put me and my guitar next to her, and asked my brother to film it. My mother and father also helped a bit in the music video by distracting her a little bit with voice sounds cats like, because the guitar was a little bit scary to her. I'm glad she was comfortable and on the sofa long enough for me to finish the song and filming. It took multiple days of filming, each day a different shot, to make the video. Some scenes with the other pets, and her on the piano, were even filmed in 2019. The little blue bird sadly passed away since then. We have other birds now though!!!

She also played piano and meowed in the song.

Thank you for watching, I truly hope you felt even a bit of the love I feel for Lilo. All I can say is, cherish and love your pets, and make great memories with them, you never know when it stops, but it's the best not to think of that too much, and to concentrate on what you have today. And I'm so grateful I have Lilo today.

Song name: LiLi LiLo
Artist: Cantavanda
Album/Single/Demo Tape: None yet

Composition, arrangement, lyrics, vocals, guitar, production, recording, mix, master, MV directing and video editing by Cantavanda.

Filming by Cantavanda (some scenes), and Elias (scenes containing myself), my little brother.

Piano, meowing, and dedicated to Lilo the cat.


When I was a little child long ago
you came right into my life.
What a great gift that I got from my auntie.

You were small, a little kitten, so white,
white as a snowy field
and full of life and playfulness too.

LiLi, LiLo.
I'll miss you so.
LiLi LiLo.
One last meow.
Sleep tight my love.
Your time has come.
Now close your eyes.
Rest well, LiLo.

So I hope you'll stay with us longer
but the clock is ticking.
So I better prepare myself for the inevitable.

Let's enjoy our time together while we can,
and I will pet you without end,
until it's time to sleep.


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