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  • shinkouchou commented. August 1, 20122012年8月1日
    Sure thing, give me a moment to get my info together ^^
  • shinkouchou commented. January 23, 20122012年1月23日
    I'm willing to do some Kisaki drawings/etc.. this sounds like fun!
  • shinkouchou commented. December 12, 20112011年12月12日
    I know HooK is set up for streams but it's through ustream which is kind of crappy.. but it would be nice to have both! Haha
  • shinkouchou commented. December 12, 20112011年12月12日
    So awesome! Bought mine.. only 45 left out of 1000... pretty good! And yeah it may seem steep but that's a lot of content for 1500 yen. Worth it for UCP fans, I think.
  • shinkouchou commented. November 22, 20112011年11月22日
    I was wondering how legit the news was given Lin's hiatus and the fact that nothing has been announced as to their future yet. Still if Megaromania does in fact come at least that's some good news for the European fans.
  • shinkouchou commented. November 7, 20112011年11月7日
    I spaced out and missed the deadline last year but I'm going to participate this year! Look forward to it :3
  • shinkouchou commented. October 17, 20112011年10月17日
    That cheki case is gorgeous. I'd buy a few if I had the money!
  • shinkouchou commented. October 8, 20112011年10月8日
    I think this rest might be good for them. With Kisaki's health and all I've been a little worried that he was pushing himself, and the band for that matter, a little too hard. I'm just going to wait patiently and believe that they'll come back better and stronger than ever :3 After all, Kisaki's already proven that he can't stay away from the stage for long.
  • shinkouchou commented. October 8, 20112011年10月8日
    I think that Foolish has become their end of live rush song. If you listen closely on the recording you can hear the gong it in, hence the gong on stage, but I've taken it to mean that it's the end of the live pretty much XD
  • shinkouchou commented. October 8, 20112011年10月8日
    Adding to this, what I could catch (I had to keep my volume low since my roomie was asleep), Kisaki said when they return they may not be the same members, or they may not return at all. It's all kind of up in the air it seems.
  • shinkouchou commented. September 15, 20112011年9月15日
    Just to add... it's limited to 200 copies >_< So few!
  • shinkouchou commented. September 7, 20112011年9月7日
    Omg I want that Lin cheki set so bad >_o;;;; And the Kisaki poster. And the KP cheki. Maybe I should just hand over my paycheck, lol
  • shinkouchou commented. August 25, 20112011年8月25日
    I follow him! Twice! lol
  • shinkouchou commented. August 23, 20112011年8月23日
    I'll probably take one, it's lovely~ (and I have a slight poster obsession)
  • shinkouchou commented. July 29, 20112011年7月29日
    Gotta admit, that name made me lol

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