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VIP terms and details

    Activating VIP status

  1. VIP status will be granted after the first payment of $5 or more has processed, and will last until the next payment period (about one month).
  2. VIP status will be granted to the vkygy account that matches the username or email address used on Patreon. If your Patreon username/address differ from vkgy, please contact me with the correct vkgy username.
  3. Members who have just gained VIP status will need to sign out and sign back in for it to take effect. VIP status is granted manually, so please contact me if you have any issues.

    About VIP images/scans

  1. Only VIP members can view VIP-exclusive images at full resolution without watermarks. All other users are limited to smaller, watermarked versions of those images.
  2. Any member with admin rights may upload images and mark them as VIP-exclusive, and may view their own uploads at full resolution and without watermarks, regardless of their VIP status.
  3. Image watermarks include “vkgy” and the username of the uploader.

    VIP mini-forum

  1. For the first month after becoming a VIP member, only that month's posts will be visible to the member. All previous posts will unlock after the second month's payment has processed.
  2. Any user of the site is free to make suggestions for features/changes, but those made via the VIP mini-forum will be prioritized. However, there is no guarantee that suggested features/changes will come to fruition.


Have questions or issues? Contact me for help.

Patreon rewards
VIP membership $5+ / month

  • Logo sticker [limited 7—4 remaining]
  • VIP badge on username
  • High-res, un-watermarked images
  • Mp3tag integration (beta)
  • New flyer scan every day
  • Exclusive mini-forum
  • Development diary
  • Premium support
  • Choose featured artist (details TBD)
  • Featured in thanks section
  • My gratitude!

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Patreon rewards
Advertise $15+ / month

  • Banner and link on main page
  • All rewards from the $5+ / month tier
  • After choosing this tier, I will contact you on Patreon with details. Contact me for questions.

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Patreon rewards
Thank you $1+ / month

  • Featured in thanks section
  • My gratitude!

Support vkgy at Patreon Or buy us a coffee