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Syndrome SHOOTING by 2001.10.13
2001.10.13 Amagasaki LIVE SQUARE
2001.10.13 尼崎LIVE SQUARE
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3,240 yen
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Baraki (alternate live PV)
薔薇姫 (alternate live PV)
薔薇姫 (alternate live PV)
Maboroshi no Ichiya (live PV)
幻の一夜 (live PV)
幻の一夜 (live PV)
Wakare (2001.8.10 ON AIR OSAKA) (live)
永 訣 (2001.8.10 ON AIR OSAKA) (live)
永 訣 (2001.8.10 ON AIR OSAKA) (live)


  • This DVD-R contains footage from a pre-production version of an unreleased VHS. The first two clips feature live footage from the band's 2001-10-13 live at Amagasaki (尼崎) LIVE SQUARE (with studio audio overtop), while the third clip is actual live footage from the band's 2001-08-10 live at ON AIR OSAKA. The Baraki footage appears―with additional editing―on the OFFICIAL BOOTLEG VIDEO Ⅰ tape.


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2016-08-29 19:10:08
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Oh, wow! The flash of a title card indicates that this was put together by a video production company called TRYANGLE. They would have submitted this work-in-progress to Matina to get the label's approval! In its current state, the footage featured two live PVs and one live clip, all masterfully edited. From the thoughtful editing, it would appear that Syndrome originally planned to release a VHS with all 3 clips―instead, they re-edited the first clip into the Bara live PV that is on the BOOTLEG Ⅰ VHS, as Lestat mentioned. As far as I can tell, they never released the second live PV, or the live clip. So, for anyone who spent 3,000 yen expecting a full live DVD, it's a complete waste... But as “live PV alternate version” or “VHS pre-production version,” it's a bit more interesting!

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2016-05-30 14:22:57
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Unfortunately this DVD consists only of two live-digest tracks and half a live track that is cut off halfway through. The first song, 薔薇姫 (Bara hime) is the exact same footage as is shown on Syndrome's 「OFFICIAL BOOTLEG VIDEO 1~薔薇姫~」, which gives me reason to believe that the original VHS is merely a snippet from the whole file (of which more is to be seen on this DVD). The other two tracks are 幻の一夜 (Maboroshi no ichiya) and a part of 永訣-わかれ- (Eiketsu -wakare-).

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Syndrome SHOOTING by 2001.10.13