Romance for~ - (untitled demo CD)
(untitled demo CD)
(untitled demo CD)
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1. Unknown Track α
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3. Unknown Track γ
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  • A collection of demo tracks produced between March 15th and April 15th, 1999, although no track list or further information can be found within the disc insert. All 5 tracks sound less polished than what a typical release from this band would sound like, so it can be assumed these were an early take on songs released (or planned to be released) later. I've reached out to one of the former band members on Twitter and he stated he did not remember even making this demo, so it may be hard to dig up information surrounding its contents. Here is a sample of one of the songs included:


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2019-03-02 16:21:18
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Who did you ask? I guess I'll do some Facebook lurking..!

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2019-03-02 17:02:05
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Honestly, I forget lmao. I believe it was one of the guitarists who was in the band at this time. It wasn't via DM either, so it's going to take forever for me to dig up that conversation chain.

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2019-03-03 03:14:30
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...ow! I think I'll ask the singer then.

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