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Philia - One's COSMOS for next music scene [Facizm]
One's COSMOS for next music scene [Facizm]
One's COSMOS for next music scene [Facizm]
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1. photography
2. Q&A


  • This mail-limited book was released in a collaboration between One's COSMOS and Facizm, in celebration of their formation (vocalist ToshiA's previous band, SUTH:VICIOUS had done a collaborative memorial pamphlet with the same company for their disbandment). The 32-page, B5-sized, black-and-white book contains exclusive photography of the band and Q&A interviews with each member.

  • The packaging of the book is pretty unique. It's printed vertically, and features two different fold-out sections. It also includes a B5-sized piece of acrylic, upon which an image of the band is silkscreened. Three flyers--including one advertising the band's Virgin demotape, which was released on the same day--are also included.


One's COSMOS for next music scene [Facizm]
Photo by Mr. Kentaro Shibuya
Editorial Design & Planning by Ms. Mitsu & Ms. Ami Tomioka
Design Support by Two One
Printing by Taiyo Printing Co.LTD.
Special Thanks to Mr. Kouichirou Takahashi (Soleil) / Mr. Hiroshi Monma (GURU GURU/Eugene) / Mr. Tadamitsu (SUCKERPUNCH) / Soleil Family / Facizm Family / Facizm's Member (ToshiA/SHINYA/KATSUHISA/HIROZAKU) / Facizm's Staff / & You


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