NIGHTMARE - GIANIZM Shokai Gentei-ban
GIANIZM Shokai Gentei-ban
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1. Jishou Shounen Terrorist
2. Gianism Tsu
3. Gianism San
4. Gianism Shi
5. Gianism Go
6. Gianism Roku
7. Gianism Shichi
8. Gianism Hachi
9. Gianism Kyu
10. Gianism Ten
1. Jisho Shonen Terrorist at Ultimate Circus Finale 03.12.12 Shibuya Public Hall
2. Gianism Tsu Eastern Symphony ~ the Five Stars Night ~ at BUDOKAN
3. Gianism San at Far Eastern Symphony ~ the Five Stars Night ~ at BUDOKAN
4. Gianism Shi PV
5. Gianism Go Nightmare LIVE HOUSE TOUR 2008-killer show- at Niigata Lots
6. Gianism Roku at TOUR 2006【Giantism Ni】at NHK HALL
7. Gianism Shichi at VISION OF the WORLD RULER at Tokyo International Forum A
8. Gianism Hachi at TOUR 2008 Grand killer show at Tokyo International Forum A
9. Gianism Kyu at NIGHTMARE PARADE TOUR FINAL “MAJESTIC” at Nippon Budokan
10. Gianism Ten PV


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