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「Madeth gray'll~Higeki NO Shuumaku」
Madeth gray'll - Madeth gray'll Last Live Video
Madeth gray'll Last Live Video
Madeth gray'll Last Live Video
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1. history footage
2. missantroop live PV


  • This VHS contains photos from throughout the band's career, footage from their last live, and biographical information, overlayed with audio of the members' disbanding MC (all while Entith de marge (PIANO VERSION) plays in the background). Then, there is a PV for the song missantroop comprised of more live footage. The VHS was a mail-order lottery application privilege: at the last live of Madeth gray'll, the band distributed privilege application ticket A; their last best album contained application ticket B. Of those who mailed in application tickets A + B, 300 winners were chosen via lottery system. Those 300 winners were mailed this VHS, free of charge, at a later date.

  • The release date listed here is an estimate: the application tickets weren't available until February 1st, and mail-order campaigns generally allow for 1 month of application time. Then, processing applications and manufacturing the videos would probably take around another month, putting the earliest possible release around April―however, the paper included with the VHS apologizes for the wait, so it seems likely to me that this took several months, and June 2001 feels like a good fuzzy date to land on. That being said, this video could have feasibly been released any time between April and December 2001.


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