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PURE SOUND ORIGINAL Tokuten 2014.10.12 Osaka Crane Amphitheater
LIN - The End of Corruption World 2010-2015
The End of Corruption World 2010-2015
The End of Corruption World 2010-2015
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10,800 yen
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1. Rin
2. Fall...
3. Royal Blood
4. Metamorphose
5. Lost in the mist of time.
6. Continuation of dream
7. As if Forever Exists.
8. Night Dreamer
9. Walking in the Rain
10. Over the Rainbow
11. Call Back
12. Flowers Bloom
13. World in Flames
1. Foolish
2. Sacred Xanadu
3. Cross Peagent
4. The Psalms and Lamentations
5. Monochrome -vanished ray-
6. Perseculation Complex
7. Freedom
8. Silent to My Pain
9. Misery is Nothing
10. Chaotic Resistance
11. Nightmarish...
12. Schwarz Vrain
13. Dedicate to Graveyard
World in Flames ~Eternal Sleep~
1. World In Flames ~Eternal Sleep~
DVD DISC:1 Daiisshou LAST ONEMAN Kouen 「Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~」 2013.6.30 Osaka BIG CAT
1. SE
2. Metamorphose
3. Royal Blood
4. The Psalms and Lamentations
5. MC
6. Fake Dance
7. Come out your shell
8. Feeling Universe
9. Mist in Reminisce
10. MC
11. locus・・・
12. Walking in the rain
13. Over the Rainbow
14. World In Flames
15. MC
16. Insane flashback show
17. Lunar Eclipse ~in the shadow~
18. MC
19. Freedom
20. Flowers Bloom
21. Rin
22. MC
23. Re-frain
24. MC
25. Misery is nothing
26. Call back
27. Foolish
DVD DISC:2 Dainishou LAST ONEMAN Kouen 「Dedicate to Graveyard ~Everlasting Wish~」 2015.11.22 Shinjuku BLAZE
1. SE
2. Rin
3. Metamorphose
4. Silent To My Pain
5. Forbidden
6. MC
7. Monochrome -vanished ray-
8. Cross Pageant
9. Persecution Complex
10. Chaotic Resistance
11. SE
12. Misery is Nothing
13. Missing Melody
14. MC
15. Sincerely
16. Call Back
17. The Psalms and Lamentations
18. MC
19. Nightmarish...
20. Sacred Xanadu
21. Schwarz Vrain
22. MC
23. Dedicate to Graveyard
24. MC
25. Foolish


  • This is LIN (凛 -THE END OF CORRUPTION WORLD-)'s best box, which memorializes both periods of the band.

  • It includes two CDs with remastered versions of previously-released songs, plus a third CD containing a new instrumental version of World In Flames. (The third CD is “limited to the first press”, tho no second press is planned.) The remastering was performed by DETRO STUDIO, but mostly sounds the same as the original versions. The set further includes two DVDs, with full footage of the last oneman of each period of the band. The last oneman footage of first period LIN is exactly the same as the original [Obscure Ideal ~Judgement of fortune~][1] release―except that this version has no offshot footage, and no credits. A 24-page (mostly plain) booklet is included, as is 1 random trading photocard (of 12 possible). The entire package is contained within a shrinkwrapped cardboard box (17 cm × 22 cm―slightly smaller than Japanese B5 size).

  • When the release was announced, it was supposed to include 1 signed trading sticker, of 6 possible. This was changed to an unsigned photocard, of which 12 are possible. There was also supposed to be one DVD chronicling the last lives of both lineups (60 min each), but this was later changed to 2 DVDs, one for each lineup, with full footage.

  • PLUG RECORDS west is listed in the credits of this release, but I think they were only involved in licensing some of the songs (as Second Period LIN left PLUG RECORDS west for wyze iD factory Inc.). HAUNTED HOUSE is also listed, but I'm not sure of their involvement... They seem to be a live production/band support company that popped up in 2015, and has so far only worked with older musicians (eg. MORRIE). Their only connections to LIN seem to be this release and a March 2016 live at which LIN members will hold a session band. The company seems to be often involved in goods production, so I wonder if they facilitated the production of this box set. I also wonder if they're related to HAUNTED HOUSE RECORDS, which was a sublabel of UNDER CODE PRODUCTION created exclusively for the release of [FLESH FOR FLANKENSTEIN][2]. Please leave a comment if you have any information!

  • Those who purchased through the official web shop further received a customized message DVD from the member of their choice. Originally, this privilege was exclusive to those who pre-ordered, but the offer was extended to orders placed through May 2016.

    [1]: [2]:


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Here's my little review... The box is a little small, and the tray inside is made of card material, so it bends/folds too easily. Furthermore, the design is very basic (as expected), with plain black backgrounds and white text. The cover image is re-used on the CD and DVD cases. Inside the booklet, there's a picture of 1st Period and 2nd Period, plus a picture of KISAKI, but that's it. The selection of songs is good (I was pleasantly surprised to see 「Night Dreamer」), and the 2nd Period live DVD is great (the 1st Period DVD was already released). 「World In Flames ~Eternal Sleep~」 isn't very good, unfortunately. The overall impression is still good, but it's probably only worth 10,000 yen if you don't own very much by the band!

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PURE SOUND ORIGINAL Tokuten 2014.10.12 Osaka Crane Amphitheater