everlasting ~Eien no Tame ni~
everlasting ~永遠のために~
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1. live and document footage?


  • The particulars of this VHS are unclear. Here's what I know: The band sold a live-limited video during their everlasting tour, and that video (or a version of it, at least) was later sold in stores as well. If I'm correct, the live-limited version is the one titled “everlasting ~永遠のために~”, with a jacket that is black except for an image of orange-ish windows―and conversely, the store-limited version is the one called “tour everlasting”, with an all-black jacket. (Or maybe those specifications are the other way around?) This database entry is for the live-limited version. Some sources list its release date as 2001-05-21, but that wasn't a date during the tour, so I'm inclined to think it was actually 2001-05-20, which was a date on the tour. And if that's the case, then the video could only contain footage from the 2002-04-16~2002-05-XX stretch of the tour. Other sources somewhat ambiguously imply that it was only sold during the 6-day tour final, which began on 2002-07-29―in that case, the video could contain footage from the entire tour up until that point.


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