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Documentation: Contributing

Who can contribute to vkgy
  • If you would like to contribute to the vkgy library, simply register and request to be an editor on Discord or Twitter.

    (You can also just leave a comment anywhere that you have extra information, or put it in the #research channel on Discord.)
  • All visitors can: read pages, leave comments, like comments, and rate releases.
  • All users can: add releases, collect releases, tag artists and releases, add news, add images, use vkgy in Mp3tag, design their avatar, + the above.
  • All editors can: add/edit artists, add/edit musicians, add/edit labels, add/edit livehouses, edit others' news posts, and moderate comments, + the above.
  • All VIP users can: view unwatermarked full-res images, access the dev blog, get features earlier, access the exclusive Discord channel, use exclusive avatar items, and more. Support on Patreon to become VIP.
A primer for editors
  • Artists and releases get their own links up top, but you can also access the musicians and labels sections by going through the database.

    The database page also allows you to quickly see all items that have been edited recently.

    There are also comments, documentation, images, livehouses, users, and VIP sections.
  • vkgy is designed to make it easy and quick to add information, while avoiding duplicates and weird formatting. The downside is that there's sometimes a learning curve.

    One of the first things you have to get used to is Markdown—a system for formatting text and linking artists. See Markdown for the full guide, but here's a quick primer on linking artists:

    In comments etc., you can make special artist links by enclosing their name between /slashes/. You can use romaji or Japanese, and can ommit symbols. The system will attempt to find that artist in the database and turn it into a working link in the final text:

    /dali/, /sugar forkful/, and /la sadies/ are cool. Dali, SUGAR FORKFUL (シュガーフォークフル), and La:Sadie's are cool.
  • In each section, there's a link at the top-right to add to that section (e.g. “add artists”). If you're allowed to edit a certain page, the link for that will be at the top-right too.

    As each section has its own unique shortcuts and features, whenever you add to a section or edit a page, the relevant documentation will be available at the bottom of the page. You can always access all documentation here, or can ask for help on Discord.

    It's often helpful to look at recent edits and see how other users did them.
  • Note that some additions to the database (upcoming releases, upcoming member changes, brand new bands) will automatically generate news posts about them. If a news post was generated, you'll be notified and will be able to edit it, if you want.

General documentation

Page-specific documentation