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XAVAK first album release: “Omagatoki (逢魔時)”

XAVAK first album release: “Omagatoki (逢魔時)”

XAVAK are set to release their first album, Omagatoki (逢魔時), on April 10th.

Originally slated for release on October 24th last year, the album is now available for order with not one but three different editions available! Each edition comes with 10 tracks, while the limited edition TYPE A and B have unique benefits and covers. The digital version of Omagatoki (逢魔時) is also available for purchase immediately along with the physical CDs at Night Child Productions dedicated online store.

You can listen to the preview of XAVAK's first album from the band's YouTube channel below:

  • Regular Edition

  • Limited Edition TYPE A (SOLD OUT)

Limited to 30 copies and comes with a 16-page lyrics booklet.

  • Limited Edition TYPE B

Limited to 20 copies and comes with a 24-page lyrics booklet, containing both Japanese and English translations.

You can also check out XAVAK's latest PV for IjiME Fukushuuhen Jiyuugata (虐メ復讐編自由型) from below, which is included on the album!

Lastly, the band has also uploaded 2 songs to digital platforms for streaming. "IjiME Fukushuuhen Jiyuugata (虐メ復讐編自由型)" and "Ai・Taishou Otome (哀・大正乙女)" are available to listen to now!



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XAVAK first album release: “Omagatoki (逢魔時)”

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So exited!!!

XAVAK first album release: “Omagatoki (逢魔時)”

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Just added a section to mention they've also added 2 songs from the album to streaming platforms 🕷️