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VIRGE will disband

VIRGE will disband

In a shocking turn of events, VIRGE (ヴァージュ) has announced their disbandment after firing guitarist Sizuki (紫月) on March 11th.

The band came to the decision after having lost contact with Sizuki (紫月) since March 1st. They also noted his problematic behavior was a well-known issue during discussions, and yet they were unable to find a resolution. In addition, after repeated discussions, the band has concluded that they will disband after their last live on May 6th as they are unable to continue activities with four members. Their upcoming tour has since been converted to their last oneman tour and their upcoming album has ultimately been cancelled.

VIRGE's last oneman tour, "Machi no Katasumi ni Saku Ichirin no Hana o Nokoshite" (街の片隅に咲く一輪の花を残して) will take place from March 20th throughout April, and will conclude at their tour final on May 6th at Veats Shibuya.

We wish the very best for the members of VIRGE going forward.


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