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UNiTE. Vo.Yui (結) has been fired

UNiTE. Vo.Yui (結) has been fired

In a shocking development, UNiTE. (ユナイト)'s lineup has changed:

Vocalist Yui (結) was dismissed from the band on April 8th, just a week after they had kickstarted their 11th anniversary celebration with a oneman live at Line Cube Shibuya. The band had just announced their 11th anniversary oneman tour which was slated to start this summer, plus a fanclub-limited anniversary tour and another event sponsored by bassist Haku. However, as a result of Yui's sudden departure, ticket sales for all events have been postponed, and the fanclub tour was eventually cancelled entirely.

The original statement from UNiTE. (ユナイト) and DANGER CRUE:


この度、Vocal 結による重大な問題が発覚し、メンバー、スタッフによる話し合いを行った結果、当該問題の解決には至らず、本日を持ちましてVocal 結を解雇とし、解雇に伴いユナイトを脱退とする運びとなりました。 突然の発表となり、応援してくださるファンの皆様や関係者の皆様には、心よりお詫び申し上げます。


■mobile FC [elite U's] 発足9年記念 オーダーメイドワンマン『ご注文はユナイトですか?』 ・4/11(月)よりチケット発券を予定しておりましたが、発券日を延期とさせていただきます。

■ハク フィーチャーイベント「Green Monster!! Vol.2」 ■ユナイト ワンマンツアー2022「ヘブンイレブン」 ・現在チケット先行受付中、4/13(水)より当落発表を予定しておりましたが、当落発表を延期とさせていただきます。





Yui's official statement:

The announcement only stated that Yui was dismissed from the band due to serious issues that could not be resolved, and the members' apologetic statements are equally as vague.

However, some sources allege that Yui himself had made disparaging comments about UNiTE. in the midst of their anniversary celebration from an alternate Twitter account, before quickly deleting them. The other account in question is allegedly Yui's side gig - SHELL, an utaite (歌い手) project where Yui covers previously released songs and posts them online under an anime persona. Although there are many visual artists who are utaite, to the disapproval of some record labels, the main issue is keeping both projects separate and maintaining confidentiality. It's sad to think that a singer's career and a band's future may have been thrown into jeopardy, all due to a careless tweet at the heat of the moment.


UNiTE. Official Blog


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