THE GAZETTE leaves PS COMPANY; what does this mean for the label?

THE GAZETTE leaves PS COMPANY; what does this mean for the label?

the GazettE announced today that they are leaving longtime home PS COMPANY for the newly-established HERESY.

Surprisingly, the CEO of HERESY is none other than Ozaki Tomomi (尾崎友美), a.k.a. the president of PS COMPANY. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on your personal view of the band's management up until this point (though none can dispute that NINTH is a certified banger).

But what does this mean for PSC?

It's no secret that THE GAZETTE was basically keeping the label afloat. Imo―and mind that this is conjecture―the band is being transferred to HERESY so that Tomomi can retain their rights while PSC is dismantled. Again, conjecture, but I expect to hear an announcement of PSC's closure within a year.

If Kra announces disbandment or a label change (maybe, say, at their 17th anniversary live in September), I would consider my conjecture all but confirmed. If I'm correct, I expect to see the solo artists signed to PSC―none of whom do anything of consequence, that I'm aware of―to be shuffled off to a new company or just disband altogether.


Edit: oh, and I didn't quite spell out why this move is being made, but this tweet explains it:


This kind of move is not unprecedented. Right before famous indie label Soleil closed its doors in 2002, most of its remaining artists were moved to a new label called inner dream group, which happened to have the same manager as Soleil.

Similarly, when Matina closed its doors at the end of 2002, its bands VIDOLL and Mar'derayla (マーディレイラ ~Mar'derayla~) were already set to join its successor, UNDER CODE PRODUCTION, which opened just three months later.


Again, conjecture, but I don't expect HERESY or any other Tomomi-founded company to start signing new bands; it seems to me that all of Tomomi's efforts will be focused on the GazettE from here on, until that band also runs out of steam.

But that's just my opinion. What do you think?


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