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DAMY new live recording “DAMY LAST ONEMAN TOUR FINAL 2019.05.06 SHIBUYA TSUTAYA O-WEST” With Dacco, 「ENJOY」 your life and heat up your mind and body... Let's burn it up!! [PR]

THE BEETHOVEN new live recording “Classical × Masquerade 2018.5.31 TSUTAYA O-WEST”

THE BEETHOVEN will put out a new live recording.

Classical × Masquerade 2018.5.31 TSUTAYA O-WEST will be released on May 26th.


  1. Ai-Ai-哀-Ai-
  2. Face of MasqueradeFace of Masquerade
  3. The Greatest PartyThe Greatest Party
  4. Sorrow The CLOWNSorrow The CLOWN
  5. MEDUSAメドゥーサ
  6. Haitoku no SALOME背徳のサロメ
  7. Geki PARE激パレ
  8. Sousoukyoku奏想曲
  9. ELISEエリーゼ
  10. Souran CHAOTIC SYMPHONY騒乱カオティックシンフォニー
  11. Rinne LINE輪廻LINE
  12. Wounderful WorldWounderful World
  14. NeverlandNeverland
  15. LazyLadyLazyLady


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