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2018-10-07 20:58:21
[feature] VK contributors #1: peffy

Hello everyone! Today I'd like to introduce the first in a mini-series of quick interviews with the “contributors” to the visual kei fan scene.

2018-09-25 07:32:47
State of vkgy 9/25 - avatars and Discord

Hi all. Here's the latest from vkgy:

2018-08-27 22:20:30
State of vkgy 8/27

Hello hello! Here are the latest major changes around vkgy:

2018-07-22 14:56:30
State of vkgy 7/22

Hi all! Just wanted to give another monthly update about changes at the visual kei library, vkgy.

2018-07-01 10:48:15
[discussion] How can we estimate a visual kei band's popularity?

A few questions about popularity in visual kei, as inspired by a chat with cultic.

2018-06-02 11:22:34
State of vkgy 6/2

Hi everyone! It's been half a year since vkgy launched. Here are some important updates since then:

2018-01-23 04:57:54
Doppelgänger bands

As the artist database expands, it gains more “doppelgänger bands”—bands which share the same name and are hard to tell apart. Today, I'd like to share some of the more interesting cases I've run across.


2017-12-11 07:21:49
king zeebra official web shop

king zeebra has opened its official web shop.

2017-12-07 05:48:57
State of 12/7

Just wanted to give everyone an update on since it officially launched on December 1.

2017-12-06 20:40:33
KISAKI returns (to Instagram)

Rejoice: KISAKI is back on Instagram!

2017-12-02 14:09:07
Misaki joins Rizu, makes “visual idol” debut

As of December 1, new guitarist Misaki (美沙輝) has joined Rizu.

2017-12-01 17:40:17
llll-Ligro- revives

As of today, llll-Ligro-, an indie darling among Western vk fans, has revived.

2017-11-24 18:17:16
Label Himitsu Enban to split in two + Prelude of

Indie label Himitsu Enban (秘密円盤) will split into two labels on December 1.


2015-03-28 15:59:00
Minor news roundup 3/28

Some updates from AiM MaiM (期間限定project-曖ム昧ム-), BALA★NCE, Mischievous, NEOLOGI (ネオロジ), PENTAGON (ペンタゴン), REALies, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし):

2015-03-02 10:09:00
New CD releases from Tatoeba Konna Hanashi and BALA★NCE

In spite of their upcoming hiatus, Tatoeba Konna Hanashi (たとえばこんなはなし)'s new demo CD is now available only via the band's email address, The new CD, vaguely titled as 「demo CD-R」, will cost 2000 yen and will feature the following tracklist:


2014-06-09 17:43:00
BALA★NCE change

New Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (真田 廉) project BALA★NCE has made a change to [yesterday's announcement][1]: instead of a comment CD, those who spend 5,000 yen at their live will receive a live DVD recorded on that day (to be shipped at a later date). They've also uploaded the cover of their single: [BALA★NCE discography][2].

2014-06-08 09:50:00
More limited releases from Ren project BALA★NCE

The other day, Sanada Ren (真田 廉) (真田 廉) (ex-Dali, etc.), announced his new project BALA★NCE. He mentioned that they would release a CD at their first live on 2014-06-11―instead, they'll actually release three things.


2004-04-02 00:00:00
Quick primer for editing

Hi! Here's a quick primer on the less intuitive stuff when updating the database.